Online Magazine FAQs

How do I get my Online Magazine Username and Password?

The Online Magazine Subscription's Username and Password are emailed within 1 to 36 hours of purchase.  The Username and Password are generated by the NHM staff, and will come from the email address of "" and a subject line of "Your Natural Horse Magazine Online Subscription has been Activated!".

 If you do not see this email please check your spam folder as it may be trapped by whatever spam rules your email provider uses.


Last update: 2012-01-01 00:31

Store FAQs

How do I purchase a gift subscription for a friend?

You can designate that a subscription order is a gift subscription in one of two ways.


  1. If the subscription order is going to one person, you can specify a delivery address during checkout.
    When you get to "Step 1 of 2: Create Order", look under "Delivery Information" and click on the link "Deliver this item to a different address."
    From this link create a Delivery Contact and Submit it.  This new contact will tell us where the gift subscription is to be delivered.

  2. If you are ordering multiple subscriptions or items that you want delivered separately:.
    During checkout "Step 1 of 2: Create Order" you can use the free form box under  "Comments or Additional Info"   and/or "Additional Information". Please remember to include email addresses for Online subscriptions.


You can include a short message in the "Comments or Additional Info"  box to be included if you want a gift card (Print) or message (Online) sent with the subscription.


Last update: 2012-01-01 00:45

Why doesn't my Online Magazine Subscription Username and Password work in the store?

The Username and Password issued for the Online Magazine portion of our website is different from those used by you to create an "store" account. For security reasons If anyone were to get your Online Magazine Subscription login(Username and Password), they won't get your "store" Username and password. Store accounts are typically created by the shopper using a Username and Password that they know and provide when creating an account during checkout..  Online Magazine Subscription Username and Passwords are create by NHM staff and emailed to the purchaser upon subscription.

Note: Usings the Guest Checkout when purchasing a subscription from our store does not ask you to create a Username and Password, and does not save your information..


Last update: 2012-01-01 00:25

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