The Miracle of Birth

To me, the birth of our first foal was truly an awe-inspiring, miraculous event. I remember the early days of our mare's gestation, and my feelings of apprehension, and the fear of what could go wrong. A lot of extra effort needs to be put forth by a body to produce a new life!

Nevertheless, bit-by-cellular-bit, the fetus grew and developed, at first unnoticeably. Later, little kicks and movements felt through its mother's abdomen were welcome signs of the life within. Each day of gestation brought us closer to the foal's arrival into the big, wide world, and finally, after much anticipation, her safe arrival was heralded and celebrated by family and friends. The end product of a seemingly endless gestation, our little filly was a treasure to behold, and we were proud people-parents indeed.

So, too, it is with Natural Horse. The birth of a magazine, after a long gestation, byte-by-technical-byte, is, for me, nothing short of miraculous. These pages are the result of dedication and determination - the culmination of much collective, extra effort and good intentions. We grew and developed, fussed and kicked. But each day brought us closer to our goal. The end product of our extra effort is Natural Horse. For me, being intricately involved in the creation and production of this "baby", a magazine in the making, is the realization of a dream.

We at Natural Horse want to provide you with useful information about better ways in horsekeeping and horsemanship. Though no longer wild and free, no longer living by instinct in his truly natural environment, the horse, as we know him, can still benefit from natural care, that we can provide.

Please tell us what you want to learn, and what would be most useful in making your horses' lives better. Send us your letters, faxes, and e-mails. We're anxiously waiting to hear from you!