Horse videos - a great self-teaching aid

Night School for Winter, at Home!

Winter is upon us. The days are short, and the weather is unpredictable. Has the lack of light and severe weather conditions got your riding on hold? No need to let that get in the way of improving your horsemanship! We can still spend the time improving our relationships with our horses - in another way.

Invite your friends over if you like, make some hot tea, wrap up and park yourselves on the couch - it's time for class. Whatever your interests, there are teachers available at your command, through your TV/VCR. Maybe you can't ask questions, but you can rewind if you didn't quite catch something, and see it again.

Something you should definitely not miss is the latest on hooves. Lyle "Bergy" Bergeleen has a world of information available to you in his two videos, "Equine HoofTalk Equilibrium" and "How to Trim the Equine Hoof Naturally". Author of two books on natural shoeing and trimming, The "Natural" Trim and HoofTalk, The Hairline Tells It All, Bergy shares this valuable information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Bergy's fundamental principles of natural, balanced horseshoeing and trimming are supported by 30 years of experience shoeing horses, thus knowing what works and what doesn't. He studied wild horses and their hooves in natural conditions, and noticing the lack of lameness and hoof problems in these untouched animals made him realize that many of the lameness problems we see are caused by the way we take care of our horses' hooves. Many problems - navicular, ringbone, bowed tendons, spavins, and others - can be prevented, and often reversed, by proper, balanced, trimming and shoeing.

Bergy is the first person in the horse industry to offer a clear definition of natural balance of the hoof, for any horse. What he offers profoundly influences the horse, from the feet up, and puts a stop to all the debates concerning natural hoof balance. The hairline is what tells us, and the hairline never lies.

Thanks to Bergy, we now have a standard by which we can balance any foot, and as he says, "The horse has the final say."

Don't miss out on these informative and instructional tapes by Bergy. Here's how you can order one for yourself:

HoofTalk, Inc.

P.O. Box 1685

Mead, WA 99201

(800) 826-2651

e-mail -


For training and improving your relationship with your horse, there are many instructors available. Be sure to watch Roy Yates, who spent his whole life as a teacher and student of horses in various disciplines, as he shares his step-by-step training, above and beyond the basics, in several videos and audios. See Buck Brannaman, Leslie Desmond, John Lyons, Monty Roberts, and others doing their humane thing. John Lyons has a large selection of tapes, from various symposiums, covering many kinds of problem situations.

Others of interest are Equine Massage, by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, R.M.T., for 90 minutes of clear demonstrations on massage, and more; When the Body Says OUCH! - Identifying Pain in the Performance Horse, by Dr. Kim Henneman; Basic Equine Stretching by Nancy Spencer; Hands On With Mary Bromiley - Muscles, Massage and Magnetism, by Mary Bromiley, 60 minutes; Linda Tellington-Jones' T-Touch; Centered Riding by Sally Swift, Martha Josey on barrel racing; Bob Loomis on reining; Robert M. Miller's two-hour tape on raising and training the foal, including imprinting; Wendy Malone on imprinting and training, and many, many more!

For furthering your equine education, tapes are a great self-teaching aid, and seeing things in action does have its advantages over books and the printed word.

If you prefer to rent tapes, check with your local tack and feed stores. Often, the tapes are available for rent for a small fee. Also check with your library or college - they may surprise you. Don't let the short days and long nights get in the way of your horse fun!