If you are going to carry only one remedy, the one to have is Rescue Remedy®. It's easy enough to remember, isn't it? Rescue Remedy® is one of the Bach Flower Essences, developed in the 1930's by Edward Bach, an English physician. He devoted the latter portion of his life developing these subtle but effective, harmless remedies with the intention that they be used not only by physicians and practitioners, but by the family, in the home.

The Bach Flower Essences were originally designed for use in people, on the belief that negative emotions predispose people to ill health. Dr. Bach believed that the temperament, state of mind, and natural character of a person are most important, because disharmony within oneself is the root cause of disease. Correcting the emotional balance enables the body to throw off illness. The more you understand and use the Bach Flower Essences, the more you will realize the gentle power within them that promotes emotional and physical well-being.

The 38 homeopathically prepared Flower Essences represent a complete system of healing, which recognizes the personality, mood, and emotions, and how they affect an individual. Animals are no exception.

Tumbleweeds Outlook

Rescue Remedy© helped Tumbleweed when he sustained an injury to the hind end and a broken tail

If your cat, dog, or other barn buddy has a behavior problem, and a physical ailment is not the cause, then it is most likely an emotional issue. Flower essences treat and balance the underlying feelings that are causing the behavior problem. By soothing the emotions, they help the animal work through the negative emotions.

Rescue Remedy®, a combination of five Bach Flower Essences, is the prime remedy for shock, trauma, illness, and stress, of any kind. Containing Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem, Rescue Remedy® is valuable for a wide range of emotional issues - more exactly, everything, from minor to major.

Breaking it down into its components, we can see the reasons for its effectiveness. These are the primary (but not the only) uses of each remedy within Rescue Remedy®:

Cherry Plum, for nervous breakdowns and fear of losing control.
Clematis, for confusion, the tendency to faint, and feeling dopey.
Impatiens, for extreme tension, irritability, excessive reactions, and exhaustion.
Rock Rose, for anxiety, terror, panic, acute state of fear, impaired senses due to fear, and drug addiction.
Star of Bethlehem, for trauma, numbness, sadness and sorrow, fright, and psychosomatic conditions.

Rescue Remedy® has assisted in many emergency situations, while waiting for medical help. It is not meant to replace medical treatment, but it will help prevent and overcome the "energy trauma" that could lead to serious consequences.

It has saved the lives of many animals in acute conditions such as accidents, bites, fractures, bloat, and persistent vomiting. Rescue Remedy® is most valuable before, during, and after giving birth. A few drops from the stock bottle directly into the mouth, or into the food or water, will restore equilibrium and inner harmony in seconds. The body has an amazing capacity to regroup and recover, and if you want to see it happen before your eyes, try Rescue Remedy®. If it is not possible to administer it orally, put a few drops on the skin or fur, because all of the Bach remedies work via application to the skin.

Dr. Michael Dym, V.M.D, of Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital in Moorestown, New Jersey, has found Rescue Remedy® useful in many instances, for dogs, cats, and Rescue Remedyother animals.

"Any type of stressful situation," he explains, "whether it be a thunderstorm or a trip to the vet or groomer, is a good time for Rescue Remedy®. It may not work on every animal, or every time. But if it's going to work on them, it works very well.

"Where there is fright or shock, Rescue Remedy® calms them. For an injury, it can be as useful as Arnica. For an acute problem or illness, it helps them through it. Physical, mental, and emotional problems, stress, emergencies, and panic situations, all indicate Rescue Remedy®. Some of my clients use it for their show dogs, prior to the show," Dr. Dym adds.

Owners have also used Rescue Remedy® to help their animals through the deathing process, treating themselves as well as their pets. The stress the animals go through, and the grief and sorrow of the owners, can all be tempered with Rescue Remedy®.

When asked if there is ever a time that Rescue Remedy® should not be used, Dr. Dym replied, "No. There are no contraindications for Rescue Remedy®. It does no harm, and it will not interfere with any treatment or medication."

"Another instance," he continues, "for which it is very useful, is seizure disorders, or any hyperstimulation of the nervous system. Rescue Remedy® can bring the animal out of the seizure, and reduce the frequency of the episodes. Even if the animal is on medication, it is safe and effective," he assures. "Everyone should have some around. I recommend it one hundred percent."

Rescue Remedy® may be used to make a compress as well, to be applied to the injury, by adding six drops to a pint (16 ounces) of pure spring water. The drops may also be applied directly from the bottle to injured parts, if necessary. It may even be taken before a stressful situation is expected to occur, so remember it next time you leave to go to the vet or groomer!

Rescue Remedy® is the essential remedy for every first aid kit - barn, home, and car. Rescue Remedy® is useful not only for the accident victim, but for anybody who finds himself in an emergency stress situation. If you witness an accident, take some yourself - it can help you deal with the upset. Rescue Remedy® comforts any living beings who encounter serious news, severe upsets, startling experiences, or who fall into a numbed state of mind.

Whatever the trauma, whoever the victim, remember: Rescue Remedy®.



More information on Rescue Remedy® and other Bach Remedies can be found in these books:

Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue, by Gregory Vlamis

The Bach Flower Remedies, by Edward Bach, M.D. and F.J. Wheeler, M.D.

Bach Flower Therapy, by Mechthild Scheffer

The Bach Flower Remedies: Step by Step, by Judy Howard

See also Nelson Bach, USA, http://www.nelsonbach.com for more information, and Beyond the Rainbow, http://www.rainbowcrystal.com , a source for these books and for more information, or consult your local health food store or nutrition center.