Now y'all quit yer snickerin'. There's a good reason for me bein' all streaked up like this, and it's not Halloween - I earned my stripes. I wanted to demonstrate the energy trails (the meridians, some folks call 'em) of the equine. The Pony Clubbers (no, they don't club their ponies) asked us to teach them a few things about acupuncture and acupressure, so I reckoned, what could be better than a live, reactive subject to git the real feel of the subject? So a Texas-sized marker was purchased, and here I am.

See, at my age, there's no escapin' an ache or pain somewhere. That's why I volunteered to help with the demonstration. Every day, my vital force gits tripped up one place or another, cloggin' up the whole works. That's when the energy really shoots outta me at spots, and y'all can't miss feelin' it. I always appreciate a good pair of hands to relieve my aches, and git my force field movin' again. It sure does an old body like mine a world o' good.

I knew it would be a good night - I looked forward to the kids pettin' me and fussin' over me. I knew I'd feel better, and I knew they'd feel my energy. I wasn't so sure I felt like travelin' in the trailer, in the dark, and in the cold, but I was excited about goin' somewhere. It ain't that often I git to go somewhere, other than by hoofin' it.

The girls (not one boy was there - whatsa matter fellas??) listened and shared in the talk while I ate my sprouts and pellets dinner, and some hay. They all learned some things, then got to trace my energy trails. One girl, who did a lot of tracin', looked at her palms and made a face. "Eeeww." she said. Her palms were black. Oooops, that marker was supposed to be permanent. Bad luck. It wiped off her hands okay, though. I expected to be stuck with my stripes at least a month 'til sheddin' time, but maybe not.

They all politely had their turn at feelin' the pulses shoot outa me. But that's not all that shot outa me. To my surprise and embarrassment, I felt a sudden urge to evacuate my bowels. I don't know if it was the anticipation, the travelin', or the water, or all the stimulation, or what. All I know is that luckily nobody was in the way. What do you give a horse with diarrhea? Lotsa room! Ha, ha. And that they did.

After cleanup, they asked more questions, gathered some papers, and looked at some books. I felt okay, and had no more accidents. Those sweet girls thanked and hugged my front end, and we all went home, me to some remedies. I was back to normal in no time, like the tough ol' tiger I am.

Happy trails, energy trails, that is,