Spring is my favorite time of year. The Crocus, Hyacinth, Daffodil, and Tulip emerge from their winter beds in the soil. The days get longer. The birds and the grass come back and the visions of delightful new foals and calves grace the pastures. The warm days bring buds and blossoms to the trees and shrubs, and greenery appears once again. Life cycles onward.

For me, the best thing about spring, however, is seeing 'our fella P-pot' romping, in his geriatric way, in the pasture. (Catch his column, Straight From the Horse's Mouth, each month!) For nine years now I have dreaded winter, fearing that it might be his last. Every spring, though, he triumphs. With spring comes more spring in his stride. His delight in the softer ground and warmer days is obvious. The grass is his favorite thing and he grazes contentedly as he chalks up another birthday.

This month, Natural Horse is proud to present, in Pony Express, a tribute to horses loved and lost. The poem, entitled Don't Cry for the Horses and written by Brenda Riley-Seymour, touches the very heart of the reader, yet soothes at the same time. Her words still flow through my mind. Be sure to read it; you'll be glad you did. I, for one, will be posting a copy of it in our tack room, as I know the time will come .