Volume 1 Issue 2


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Immunity, Vaccinations, Nosodes, and Health, Part 2

An animal, properly fed and cared for, will have a significantly enhanced resistance to disease. The degree of resistance relies principally on nutrition and total care.

After a lifetime of work and research, Pasteur, the inventor of pasteurization and the 'germ theory', ended up saying, "The microbe is nothing, the soil is all."


To vaccinate is to administer a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms, to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease.



Case Histories

A Case of the Incurables: An EPM Success Story, Part 2

Tracy's Tale

October 21st, Tuesday, CJ was happily trotting the fence line, running around and looking good.

October 24th, Friday, (a few days after a phone call to another vet, the one who wrote the article in Holistic Horse), CJ was started on the Borrelia (Lyme) nosode [see note below] two times daily. It was suggested to cautiously resume non-riding exercise, about half the amount of what he had been doing while racing. Also suggested was discontinuing the drugs; however, these were continued per request of the first vet. Tracy started ponying CJ on weekends, and continued to lunge him during the week.




The long-awaited moment has arrived. After a smooth and uneventful delivery, a precious, wet and fuzzy foal lies steaming in the straw, taking his first breath. He moves, lifting his wobbly, curly head, and attempts his first nicker in response to his mother. She stands, and begins to sniff, lick, and nuzzle him.

You watch in awe and admiration, and find it hard to believe that this soft, gentle, small and helpless creature will someday carry you off. If you know about imprint training, then you know it is at this moment that you can influence whether you will be carried off happily on his back, or unhappily at the end of a lead rope, or worse! This moment, just after birth, is a crucial time in a foal's development, physically, mentally, and socially. It is at this time that you can teach him to accept you as his alpha, a trusted friend and dominant figure, in his life.





Foal in Winter