In this issue you'll find lots of help for skin problems, allergies, and wounds, plus how-tos for maintaining the pasture. You'll learn all about training your horse, while maintaining his lightness and natural collection, from two great horse people, Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond.

Also in this issue, read about the wonder and wisdom of kinesiology and how it is a very complementary modality to just about everything. When there is "no one way" to turn, a little clue from the body can get you going in the right direction.

Don't miss the Kidz' Korner article featuring the 4-H clubs. Mackenzie Crump, 4-H-er and avid young horsewoman, tells us all about being in 4-H . from a kids-eye view.

And last but certainly not least, in For the Rider you'll find an inspiring article about a man who overcame the challenges of living and riding with no arms. No problem to Chuck, who uses his good old toes for so many of the things we rely on our hands for - including saddling his horse! He inspires others to make the most with what they have.

Live and learn; share and relate experiences; pass on the knowledge and the inspiration to others; that's what life's all about. Hence this magazine.