The Bird Feeder

My nephew Alex recently presented me with a unique, useful, handcrafted gift for the farm. For no reason other than just plain thoughtfulness. What a sweet kid. It's a bird feeder, made from a weatherproof recycled container, and it's beautifully decorated.

The reasons for attracting birds are many. Not only is it entertaining for the feline troops, but the birds have an important role in the ecosystem, of course. Birds are our friends. (The laundry and the car can always be re-washed, or you can relocate the feeder away from them!)

If you want to make a thoughtful gift for someone, here's how:

Take a gallon-sized, jug-type, plastic container with a handle (optional) and thoroughly clean it.

Punch two small holes, directly across from each other, in the neck just under the screwed-on cap. Insert a wire or durable cord through the two holes and twist or tie it into a loop for hanging the feeder.

On the side of the jug away from the handle, about 3 inches up from the bottom, carefully punch or cut 2 slits in the shape of a small X, and about one inch above the X, cut a large hole. This can be done by punching a starter hole and using a scissors, or by carefully using a utility knife.

Punch a few tiny holes in the bottom for drainage in case rain gets in it.

Insert a stick or short piece of dowel rod through the X to make a perch. Decorate the feeder with weatherproof paint, permanent markers, or other means. Pour in some birdseed and watch the birds!

Thank you, Alex!