Kids and Ponies

In this issue we feature one of nature's greatest accomplishments - PONIES. Not just any ponies, but wild ponies. And who were ponies made for? Kids, of course! Another one of nature's greatest accomplishments. Put them together and what do you have? Fun and frolic, for starters. They go amazingly well together.

first pony

My First Pony? Northwest Little League Opening Day, May 5, 1962

Whether or not I had a pony as a child is still under debate. The pony I am riding in this old photo was technically owned by our neighbor, Mr. Roach, our friend Mr. Donald, or my father. To this day I still don't know.

The story goes that there was a door prize awarded at the basketball game that night, a Shetland pony (the one in the picture). Mr. Roach's son was unable to attend the basketball game, and my father was invited to use his ticket. The three dads each had a ticket, but it is an unsolved (or untold) mystery as to who it was that actually held the

winning ticket. (Lucky for them their kids weren't along!) The dad that came home with the pony was not my dad, though; it was Mr. Roach, the one whose son could not go. It seems nobody can remember exactly how that happened.

Anyway, all of us lived in residential neighborhoods, so the pony was stabled at a nearby farm. Because I liked horses so much, (so the story goes) I was called upon to do the honors of riding the pony in the Little League Parade. I was thrilled, and accepted the offer without hesitation. It was truly an honor and I loved every precious minute of it.

As for the pony, he moved to a new home once the children grew up and I never saw him again. My dad started taking me to a riding stable whenever possible and I rode from then on.

Ponies and kids belong together, and the Chincoteague ponies are a very special breed of pony. They have gentle dispositions and are so adaptable that they make wonderful companions and very special mounts for just about any youngster, as you'll see in these pages. Enjoy!