Sue, age 5, and young Pup, 1976

There Once Was A Pup

Have you ever known a dog who lived to be 20 years old? Not many people have, but my dog Pup did just that. A long-time member of our family, she was a German Shepherd and Husky mix given to us by our uncle as a Christmas present in 1976.

Until her life ended from a fall into a creek during a rainstorm, Pup lived a long and healthy life, in spite of, or maybe because of, minimal medical care and few vaccinations. She was a house dog who ate commercial dog food (Kibbles N' Bits was her favorite) and she was very physically active and strong until she began to show her age at about 15 or 16. She developed cataracts in her eyes and had a difficult time hearing. Within the next few years, her body gradually became weaker and her legs couldn't always hold her up, especially on slick tile floors. She sometimes needed help to step down into the yard.

Sue 19, Pup 14

Our family decided that it was probably time for euthanasia, even though this would have been extremely difficult for us. But then I heard about homeopathy from a friend and thought there might be a chance it could help Pup. My family agreed that it was worth a try. With all those ailments and years stacked against her, Pup probably didn't have much chance, but what harm could it do to try? We didn't expect it to prolong her life, we just wanted to make her as comfortable and pain free as possible.

After consulting with my friend, we found a remedy, Causticum, which fit Pup's symptoms. I gave the remedy to Pup, and her urinary accidents immediately stopped. In a few days, I could tell a difference in her strength. She seemed to have more energy and less trouble getting around. It was as if the clock had been turned back a few years. I continued to give her the remedy in her water dish a few times a week and she enjoyed a steady improvement and then a leveling off of her coordination and strength.

Tom, 20, and Pup, 18

Pup at 16

Our family enjoyed the rejuvenated Pup for another happy 3 months until the accident suddenly claimed her amazingly long life. I wonder how much longer she could have gone on, but am very thankful that she was with us for so long. Not many people can say that their dog was with them from kindergarten through their college graduation!

Natural Horse Magazine thanks Sue Pavlesich and her family for sharing their wonderful story and photos with us!