Scientific Proof

At times it has been a difficult and scary road for me, making the 'transition' years ago from being strictly conventionally minded in caring for my animals and myself to being open minded and accepting of alternative ways. In the past, I believed that the body, human or animal, was vulnerable to any number of invaders or afflictions, and medicine was the answer to sickness and disease, both prevention and cure. What research discovered and what drug companies said was what I believed. I also believed that the doctors and vets knew just about everything, and certainly lots more than I did about my animals.

Fortunately, after a few rude awakenings, I discovered that results varied considerably among research groups and drugs do not really cure. I have learned that doctors and vets do not know everything (nor do I). I also discovered the hazards and shortcomings of conventional medicine. While it has a value of its own, it is not the only way.

At first I found it hard to believe in something 'scientifically unproven' or not supported and backed by scientific proof. I also found myself being skeptical, unwilling to believe that results I had observed in others were actually the result of an alternative therapy application. "Oh, it must have been a coincidence," and "I can explain that, it was really just that ." were constant thoughts running through my mind.

Then when science failed me, I was willing to listen to the voices that had been trying to tell me something all along. When I had no where else to turn, I tried the only door left unopened. A whole new way was presented to me. Where science and its proof failed me, this scientifically unproven way worked. From then on I was paying attention.

There were still times, when considering something unconventional, that, from wanting to be on the safe side, I longed to see some scientific explanation or verification. It's understandable that we as a species cannot get used to the fact that there are energies that exist that we don't see or can't prove; knowing that a particular technique has some scientific basis is comforting. Throughout this transition, I researched carefully and I did not throw all caution to the wind.

The occasions when response was immediate and undoubtedly the result of the remedy (homeopathy) were what convinced me that scientific proof did not matter. Science has yet to prove how and why homeopathy works, yet it does (the effects of the remedies have been proven, but not how or why). The results I saw and the immediate changes I witnessed were proof enough for me. From then on, I realized that it was possible for things to be real without being able to see them, such as the vital force or the innate wisdom of the body. Watching a wound heal without assistance, the effects of invisible sound waves, color frequencies, and other energies. Radio, electricity, magnetic forces, and sound are not visible, but they are there, and they work. Way back when I first saw a magnet snatch up a paper clip from the table inches below it, I accepted it as reality. How it worked didn't matter, it just did.

I have learned so much. Everyone is an individual and every body is unique. Individual differences do matter and not everything works the same for everybody. That right there says to me, "How accurate can scientific proof really be anyway, if everyone is different?" How exact is an exact science? There are too many variables; one cannot re-create an exact scenario or condition. And what about the studies that get disproven?

There is so much yet to learn. What I do know is the body can heal itself without drugs, and complementary therapies are very kind. So take scientific proof for what it's worth. It's up to each of us to make decisions for ourselves. Question everything, do some research, and then you can make a logical decision.