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Do magnets work? YES!!

I have a mare that I gave her usual vaccines to. She had a violent reaction to the vaccine and her neck swelled overnight. When I found her in the morning she was locked up (muscles would not move) in the corner of her paddock. She could not raise, lower or move her neck to either side. She could not lift any of her four feet. She was so rigid she could not move anything. Because she had gotten into the corner and could not turn her neck she must have been there all night.

Her neck was so swollen it looked like a giant balloon with her little head sticking out of it. With careful handling I was able to pull her head around and then had to lift and move each foot to get her to the barn 30 feet away. She could not lift her foot to go over the four-inch threshold of the stall door so again I had to lift, carry and place her foot, then get behind her and push to shift her weight to that foot. (Now this mare weighs about 1070 lbs. and this is HARD work!)

Once in the stall she stood stiff as a board while I ran to the house for some hot compresses. My vet was out of town. About this time a friend arrived and said he'd had similar, though not nearly so severe reactions to the same vaccines on his mares and the hot presses worked to reduce the swelling but he had NEVER seen anything the magnitude of what my mare had.

I worked on her for more than an hour and nothing was changing. She was thirsty but could not lower her head to drink. I held a bucket way up so she could get sips of water. Swallowing did not seem to be a problem. I hand fed her some hay so I could see if she could chew because I was not sure which vaccine she was reacting to and if it were the tetanus I know you have to keep their jaws moving. She chewed just fine.

At that time my brother arrived. He just happens to be a magnet distributor. It was actually such a coincidence that he came by, because he usually only comes out about once every month or so, and to hit on a day when he was needed like that was really something. He had no idea my mare was in distress, he just came for a visit, but he had his magnets in his trunk. He ran and got one of the ones that you can use to roll. He began to gently roll the magnets over her neck. She seemed to like it where just touching her made her nervous from the pain.

In about 15 minutes of rolling a very strange thing happened. Her entire neck began to vibrate. It looked very similar to the top of a cup of coffee, sitting on something like a motor where the surface vibrates. As we all watched, this entire swelling began to look like something out of a science fiction movie. My brother was rolling on one side of the neck but the vibrations went clear through to the other side as well. Within another 5 minutes this giant swelling began to move and disperse! I have no idea even where all that fluid was going, whether into other muscles or the blood stream I don't know, but move it did and within another 5 minutes she was able to move her head up and down...stiffly, but move! Within a half-hour of when he began to roll the magnets on her she was walking and able to eat and drink almost normally.

If seeing is believing then this was that time. It was the most dramatic thing I've seen. Another hour and you would never have known how stressed that mare had been and there were no side effects whatsoever.

Do magnets work? YES!! Why? I have no idea.

A few months ago the AMA said that there is no value to echinacea either, but when they finally got around to testing it in a controlled test they found that it did indeed have great value. Science is only science until it is replaced with new science.

There are many things in the world that science scoffs at that work. If these things work, do you really need someone else to tell you they do?

Dyan Westvang

Thank you, Dyan, for sharing your amazing story!!