Chelsea Brown on Mae West

Kevin Peters, Age 16

My Horse Ginny

I have a horse named Ginny,

She likes to neigh and whinny.

Her coat is white as snow,

And we have fun wherever we go.

Before I begin my school day,

I give Ginny a hug and some hay.

And even though school is fun,

Arika's poem was awarded second place and earned a certificate from the Creative Writing Festival for the Northeast Region from the Association of Christian Schools International.

Congratulations, Arika!

I can't wait for the day to be done.

Finally when the school day ends,

I say bye to my teacher and friends.

Then I rush home to my horse Ginny,

And listen to her neigh and whinny.

By Arika Zook

"HOOTIE" by Juliana Goslin, Age 8