Horse ScentsHorse Scents: Making Sense With Your Horse Using Aromatherapy

By Catherine Bird

Healthy Happy Horses, Naturally

ISBN 0-646-38178-4

$24 Australian currency


Horse Scents, appropriately titled, is not just about aromatherapy - it is also about horse sense. In its 107 pages, it goes beyond the realm of basic aromatherapy to include other important facets of natural health and well-being.

Catherine states, "Our use of essential oils and herbs for natural healing and health are based on centuries of trials, and the beneficial results have been consistently reinforced over time. In Europe, scientific evaluations of the constituents of essential oils and herbs have confirmed the qualities that natural therapists have known and used for so long."

Horse Scents introduces the reader to the idea of using these well-established and proven practices to help maintain the horse at optimum health and aid its recovery in times of physical and emotional ill health. This book gives the reader a warm welcome to the world of aromatherapy and natural care. Catherine's personable approach to the reader is as refreshing as the subject matter. Information is presented in a way that allows the reader to fully appreciate and understand the obvious and the subtle benefits of aromatherapy. It awakens one to the opportunities aromatherapy provides to gently create a bond with the horse.

Contained in Horse Scents is a comprehensive list of essential oils and their qualities, actions, and properties, including Do's and Don'ts. Essential oils are strongly, moderately, or softly scented, and the reader is shown how to blend essential oils according to their odor intensity to achieve the best blend. Information on using a carrier or base oil to make a blend is provided as well as other ways to use essential oils.

Because essential oils lend themselves so well to massage, there is a very helpful section on massage. Catherine, an expert equine massage therapist, offers invaluable tips on getting the most from massage and developing a relationship with the horse through the value of touch.

Catherine also touches briefly on the use of such therapies as Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Bach Flower Essences, and Homeopathy. A bibliography and references are provided, as well as an essential oils index and a general index.

Horse Scents leaves the reader with not only an abundance of practical, useful information on equine aromatherapy, but also a deeper understanding of the human/horse relationship. The reader will gain an unforgettable appreciation for aromatherapy and its innumerable benefits.



 eterinary AromatherapyVeterinary Aromatherapy

By Nelly Grosjean

CW Daniel Co, Ltd.

ISBN 0-85207-274-0

Approximately $16.00


This 110 page text may appear short and sweet, but it is packed with valuable and practical information. It is a great resource for animal care with a 22 page section devoted entirely to horses and essential oils.

Nelly points out that prevention is always better than cure. She explains that problems arise from a diet or lifestyle which does not meet the actual needs of the animal. She offers much practical advice on nutrition and general care as well as aromatherapy.

Veterinary Aromatherapy describes and explains the actions, qualities and properties of essential oils in an easy to understand manner. This book covers topics such as worming, injuries, ailments, and diseases, including external parasites and pests, and provides information on how to prevent and deal with them using essential oils. Easily prepared essential oil blends are listed after each ailment with recommended dosages.

In the back of the book is a handy index of ailments broken down into Birds, Cats, Dogs, and Horses in addition to the main index. The book also contains a Bibliography, Useful Addresses and Information, and Information on natural veterinary medicine.

With the help of aromatherapy, many problems can be remedied in a natural way. Abundant with good advice, Veterinary Aromatherapy should be in every animal lover's home.