Bad Pony!

by Amy Rankin

My worst day was at a horse competition. It all started when I went out to do my Cross Country course. We were in the starting gate. A man was counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, which made me very nervous. I cantered off to the first jump. My pony jumped it like a champion. I came to the second jump. She jumped that one too! Over the third jump she soared! Right after I turned to head back to the warm up area she took off! I was so scared I screamed! She was going too fast to stop her, and my saddle was slipping to the side! I couldn't hold on any longer, so I tumbled to the ground. PLOP! I fell off and gosh did it hurt! My pony ran back to where we started from. She didn't stop, so she cantered through part of the trail and thankfully someone caught her. My saddle was almost on her belly and my stirrup fell off! I was so angry at her. So my mom led her back and on the hills I grabbed my pony's tail and she pulled me up. That was such a horrible day!


Amy is a member of the Conestoga Pony Club in Pennsylvania.

Amy and Cinny

At a dressage rally

Amy and Cinnamon Sugar at a show jumping rally.