Volume 1 Issue 7 - 1999



How Aromatherapy Can Aid in Weaning

By Wendy Hopkin

To see a young foal running alongside your mare is possibly the most endearing sight in the horse world. The mare-foal relationship is a wonder of nature to anyone who has ever had the chance to witness it. Unfortunately, in captivity, this relationship cannot go on forever. Eventually, the time comes to wean the foal. Frequently, this is a traumatic event for all involved. Aromatherapy can help to ease this process.


Barn Buddies

Proper Nutrition Makes For A Healthier Pet

by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

A homemade diet provides your pet with the freshest ingredients in their most tasty form.

With all that pet owners and doctors can do to prevent and treat illness in dogs and cats, we often overlook the importance of nutrition. Yet we feed our pets at least once, if not more often, each day. Have you ever thought about what is contained in the food you put in your pet's bowl each day? Is it possible that your pet's diet might be doing more harm than good? Do you really know what your pet ate for dinner last night?


At Home With Homeopathy

Licking Colic with Homeopathy - Eight Helpful Remedies

As you walk by the window, you are halted in your tracks. Out in the pasture, your horse is pawing the ground. He drops. he rolls. your heart skips a beat. He gets up energetically, shakes off, and walks on. Phew. He just wanted to scratch his back or get rid of a pesky fly.

Colic in a horse can be a serious threat.

But what if he had dropped to the ground and lay there, staring uncomfortably at his flanks? What if he had started kicking at his belly, thrown himself to the ground, then rolled and thrashed? Such are some of the warning signs for colic. The horse prone to colic keeps his owner in suspense and wary of his every move. The tell-tale signs are burned into the memory from past emergencies. The veterinarian's number is plastered everywhere.


Shancee visits with a new friend, Ginger, at Best Friends.

Credit: Photo by Jana de Peyer

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the nation's largest no-kill refuge for abused and abandoned animals. Best Friends is home to never fewer than 1,800 cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and other wonderful creatures.

Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on the web at www.bestfriends.org

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Kanab, Utah 84741-5001

(435) 644-2001


Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche practices Japanese Style Archery on horseback with Dark Crimson (affectionately known as 'Rocky') at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. See Special Features, "Achieve Balance with Rolfing". For more information about Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche or Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center, the website is www.shambhala.org. Photo by Howie Klein, Copyright Mipham Mukpo.

Humane Training

Finding the Perfect Trainer

Kidz' Korner

Handling the Hooves: Good Horsemanship Still Applies

by Leslie Desmond

Pony Express

Stolen Arab Mares Recovered in Ontario, Canada

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Feed Facts and Fancies

Hay Storage

Case Histories

Image That!- A Cat Tail Tale

Creative Corral

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by Amy Rankin

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

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Simple Saddle Rack

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Lifting the Blues


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Book Bits

Horse Scents: Making Sense With Your Horse Using Aromatherapy

by Catherine Bird

Veterinary Aromatherapy

by Nelly Grosjean

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Achieve Balance with Rolfing

by Jim Pascucci