Take Time to Remember

None of us are alone when it comes to feeling the loss of a beloved horse or pet, or any loved one for that matter. Every one of us has had and lost someone special in our lives. For many of us there is one very special animal, a teacher in one way or another who taught us something profound. This animal we'll never forget, and he or she will live on in our hearts, minds and souls forever. For others there have been many such animals, and each was uniquely special. Animals have shaped my life, and they affect everyone as we journey through life.

As I look back, I thank and remember the ones who have come and gone in my lifetime. I still feel the pain of losing them, but the good memories hold strong. And the things they taught me will be with me for my lifetime; I am grateful for their lessons. My sympathies go out to all of you who have been there too, along with my congratulations on receiving their gifts. I believe that animals come into our lives for a reason, and sometimes it is after they are gone that the reason is realized, but there is always a reason.

For me, August is going to be a busy time with horse related activities and travels. It is a time to meet new people and animals in my life's path, and I look forward to meeting them all. New animals and new people mean new teachers for future chapters in my life, as it does for everyone, and I welcome them. Animals are great teachers. Animals give us strength where we are weak, heal us, add new dimensions to our lives, and even save our lives.

Holidays serve as a reminder to take the time to remember and appreciate those humans who explored, fought for a cause, led the masses, shaped future generations, or tried and died for a better future for all. But everyday is when many of us remember and thank the animals who have had a similar impact on our lives. It is that way for me. We thank them by appreciating the animals that are presently with us, and remembering the ones who came and went in an effort to help us to become who we are.

Take time to remember our special friends and teachers, our animals who changed or influenced us in a very special way, gave of themselves for us, brought us awareness, and left us with fond, everlasting memories.