Dealing with Grief using Kinesiology

This time I am going to look at a horse that has been purchased recently and grieving her previous home. There is plenty written about dealing with the loss of an animal, but rarely is it addressed from the horse's perspective.

A beautiful bay mare, Swift, is the inspiration for this article.

I was called out to massage Swift as she was being prepared for an end of season dressage competition and she was just not right. The reason eventually proved to be an abscess, so the reason for my visit must have been something else.

Her current owner 18 months prior had acquired Swift. At the time of purchase, Swift appeared to be a calm and fond horse that related to her previous owner with affection. But once she arrived at her new home she became aggressive and difficult and often dangerous to handle form the ground. To ride she was still a dream so her owner wanted to persevere with her. The other odd thing that was worrying was she was only aggressive with women, never with the male vet or farrier, just her owner and myself.

So with the assistance of kinesiology I did some investigating.

Conventionally the word kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) means the study of motion, in particular the study of how muscles act and coordinate to move the body. However, in the natural health field, the term kinesiology is seen and used in a different way. Here muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body where "muscle testing", the key technique in kinesiology, is used as an effective and versatile tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body which may relate to stress, nutrition, learning problems, injuries and so on.

I study a metaphysical stream of kinesiology developed by a group of practitioners in Sydney under the banner of The Journey, however some of you may be familiar with other streams such as Touch for Health and 3-in-1 Concepts.

I am not used to a horse acting aggressively towards me when I go to massage them, so I dedicated some time over the following days to gain some insights.

The new owner told me about the previous owner. Swift belonged to a lady who enjoyed competing in dressage, and so did her husband. They would compete at competitions together and a problem arose when their respective horse would cry out and get distressed when it was left at the trailer while the other one competed. This lady had a beautiful bond with the horse and they rode extremely well together.

The husband decided that one of the horses had to be sold as he found it too stressful to deal with having them behave as they did when out for the day of competition. He also decided it was his wife's horse that was to be sold.

All during the negotiations for the sale the lady was visibly upset and often teary. The horse responded by nuzzling the lady whenever they were on the ground together. Once the mare was set up in her new home she was nasty to her new owner, and three months after her arrival the old owner came to visit. The mare was her delightful self for the visit and afterwards became even more aggressive.

So I decided it may be useful to use my kinesiology skills to investigate this situation further, besides I was booked to massage her again and I wanted the experience to be less stressful to myself.

Firstly I asked what percentage of this aggressive behaviour was really Swift's. It was about 10% and the rest belonged to her previous owner. No she hadn't been abusing the horse, her emotional energy was superimposed over the mare. The previous owner was grieving the loss of her mare as well, and every time she grieved her loss, the thoughts were projected towards the mare and kept the mare feeling the loss of her owner.

To be sure of what I was getting, I tested for a statement that would give me further insight. The statement I came up with was "I think I overstay my welcome". Then I tested along a list of emotions from a checklist and came up with "grief". Swift was feeling as if she had been with her previous owner and was grieving the loss.

Taking on such energy from someone often sets up a disassociation from an organ or gland. In Swift's case she had disassociated from her solar plexus chakra, so much so that if I tried to massage her there I was vulnerable to her kicking out with great accuracy.

Lifting this emotional energy from the previous owner needs intention first. I had to clear in my own mind what I was doing, then I chose what tools to use. I used juniper essential oil, as juniper is extremely good at clearing away the past.

The next stage is awareness. This had to be discussed with her new owner. We discussed this in front of Swift and as the whole process was discussed a few eye's brightened. As we began to realise it was indeed a possibility that Swift was indeed grieving her past home, and taking her anger at her loss out on whomever she deemed responsible, any female. The word that came up on the behavioural barometer was betrayed.

While the abscess healed I didn't massage Swift. When I returned to Swift about two months later, she had already begun to accept her new home more than she had before. At certain times I was even invited to massage areas of her she had previously tried to attack me over.

She was still edgy enough for me to decide to check again. I continued to do some kinesiology processes on Swift, addressing the thoughts and emotions being projection by the previous owner. Once we were able to identify these we could them lift and replace with a positive. The processes went over a period of three months and with each process we noticed small but significant changes.

She became softer in her approach to her new owner, there were still times when she became aggressive, though they were of a less intensity and less frequent. When I massaged her she wasn't as lethal with her hind limbs. At some stages she even invited a scratch of a wither and would accept it by stretching into it. Previously if we worked some areas like this she would grind her teeth loudly.

The reason I find kinesiology works so well with horses is it is a modality that can look at a situation without judgement. You can work through a systematic procedure and relieve the horse of the emotions and thoughts of the humans around it that don't realise the impact their projections are having on the horse.

The key to this as well, is that you are able to lift of other people's stuff away from the horse, so that when you finally massage the horse or address an illness, the healing is more effective. Once reason why we are constantly addressing the same problem is that each time we work on it, we are only working on the superficial layer that is usually not the horse's stuff. Lift that layer away and then you can get directly to what is wrong with the horse and not be peeling off the 'stuff' humans have placed there each time you work with a horse.

Once we had dealt with the issues of Swift's moving to a new home and feeling betrayed we could then finally get to her physical problems.

The next step was to determine how much of these feelings of betrayal belonged to Swift. Yes, a large percentage were projections from her previous owner, her feelings of betrayal in her own relationship with her husband for making her sell her horse, while he left his in the paddock unridden.

I had to test to see if it was appropriate to send back or release. When sending back other people's emotions and thoughts, I do so with healing. It is then up to that person to decide on Soul level to accept the healing or not on this level.

When this happens the recipient will either lighten up their perspective and not know why, or they if they refuse the healing they will then have to experience and deal with the emotions consciously.

Either way healing occur, though accepting the healing is a gentler way to treat the situation.

Sometimes it will test up it is not appropriate to send the healing back as some people may not be capable of dealing with their own stuff at the time. Then the indicator is to release the emotions from the horse so she is not longer burdened with them.

Clearing these off Swift saw another improvement in her on the ground demeanour. She still had moments of unpredictable behaviour though now her training would be more effective with all the emotions lifted from her.

Once these behaviours belonging to others is lifted, then I am able to address the issues that wholly belong to the horse. Often holding other's issues in the energy field leads to imbalances. If these imbalances are held long enough then they manifest in the physical body.

Now I was initially called out to see Swift as she was a little off in her shoulder movement and her owner wanted to compete in our club's final dressage day for the season. As the abscess was to be treated she missed the competition, but the ensuing three months provided her with a better relationship with her horse and the shoulder problem corrected itself without much effort on my part once we had addressed all these other issues.

Kinesiology sounds convoluted but once I had done all of this we had a happier horse.

Catherine Bird