Horseshoe Bookends and More

A single horseshoe is often seen hanging ceremoniously above a doorway or on a door. Horseshoes have long been used this way to bring good luck. Hung with the open end up, the horseshoe holds in the luck like a cup holds water. Many ornamental structures, both functional and beautiful, can be made from used, or new, horseshoes. Nearly every gift catalog has SOMEthing with horseshoes in it! So why add to the scrap heap when you can recycle or re-use those sturdy, shapely scraps?

Here is how to make a basic set of horseshoe bookends that can stand free and contain your books while adding the horsey touch to your decor. They can also be hung on a wall as a towel rack or to support a shelf. Or add brushes and mount them onto the porch for a boot brush. Assemble horseshoes and parts of horseshoes to make your own unique designs for toilet paper, paper towels, coat racks, tool racks, etc. Hang them singly from string or fishing line, close enough together to make wind chimes (and they are heavy enough that they will be WIND chimes, not breeze chimes). They even make nice frames for pictures! Just use your imagination!

First, get a foursome of your favorite horse's used shoes and remove any remaining nails or clips. Buff them clean with a power wire wheel being careful to get the nail holes and grooves clean. Determine which shoes you want paired and weld the heels together at a 90 degree angle (flat sides facing book and table). Buff the welded areas clean and spray paint with a clear varnish, black paint, or color of your choice.

When dry, put three (for proper balance) self-adhesive non-slip bumpers on the underside of the base shoe to protect furniture and prevent sliding.

If mounting the shoes for other purposes or structures, use screws thin enough to get through the nail holes, or drill larger holes before buffing and painting.

So if you have decided to give up shoes for your horse, or if you've got lots of used ones piled up somewhere, put them to further use as functional and beautiful items, mementos, or even gifts!