Pat Parelli's Savvy System Part 1, Partnership

Copyright 1999, Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship, Inc.

Authored by Pat Parelli, Written by Linda Parelli

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Videotape, audiocassette, and ten booklets all in one.

This is a small suitcase of pure fun; the next-best thing to going to Pagosa Springs. Pat Parelli's Savvy System Part 1, Partnership, is a durable package loaded with information, insight, and inspiration in the form of a one-hour videotape, a one-hour audiotape, and eleven excellent booklets. This is part 1 of a home study program designed by Pat to give the horseman a step-by-step course in partnership, savvy, and beyond. For 23 years, Pat has been training horses and teaching people all over the world, and he created this program so he could share with everyone how to learn "savvy" and Natural Horse-Man-Ship. Pat takes them down the same path that he took to learn it, but without the wrong turns and tangents that slowed him down. This first 'course' is therefore the most direct route to developing a partnership with one's horse, and to discover savvy.

Partnership, the essential foundation for Natural Horse-Man-Ship, is the first of ten levels that lead to mastery. The program begins with 3 levels of self-development, designed to specifically teach the human, and levels 1 to 3 (Partnership, Harmony, and Refinement) lend themselves very nicely to home study. The higher levels are about teaching the horse, so they require more hands-on teaching.

In the video, Pat demonstrates the 7 games (that horses play to establish leadership) on Chinook, and this duo gives the viewer the best example of what the results of the lessons should look like. It is inspiring to watch Chinook respond so willingly to Pat's cues, and it demonstrates a true partnership between man and horse. Each lesson is represented during this demonstration, and the video is fun to watch and re-watch as one progresses through the lessons with one's own horse.

The audiotape is interesting as well as educational and inspirational. Pat explains how horses think about things, why they do the things they do, and why they respond or react the way they do. Horses are horses. Knowing this enables the human to understand the horse and to learn how to become a patient and effective leader, communicator, and partner - safely, and naturally. Pat's narration, with his friendly and humorous style, is a pleasure to listen to.

The booklets include:

Introduction and Theory, a guide to the Partnership Pack (a book in itself!) This large, 31-page booklet explains what the entire program encompasses, what the levels are, and what the Partnership lessons are about. It lists what is in the pack and explains how to use it. It tells one how to use the Partnership Pocket Guides and what the lesson symbols mean. It also discusses attitude, and the importance of maintaining the proper attitude when playing with one's horse.

Pocket Guides 1 to 10 (Lessons 1 through 21, and Partnership Challenges). These are small but mighty booklets, averaging about 30 pages each, packed with the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve Partnership. Lessons 1 through 8 teach Ground Skills (the Seven Games), lessons 9 through 20 teach Riding Skills, lesson 21 is on Trailer Loading, and the last, Challenges, is for the rider to creatively expand on the skills learned. Each Pocket Guide lesson is very well organized and complete. Every lesson ends with a list each of Success Tips, Pitfalls, and Troubleshooting to clarify and address any possible questions or problems. These guides cover practically everything one would need to know to do this on their own.

Pat Parelli's Partnership Pack is a tried and true way to experience the success of Part 1 of Pat's program at home. The lessons and games are fun, and when the lessons are fun, the learning and friendship happen easily and naturally. One learns that force just doesn't work with horses. When the horse's perspective on things is understood, the horse and human can work together in harmony. To develop the attitude, focus, feel, timing, and balance of a savvy horseman, Pat Parelli's Partnership video-audio-booklet combination pack is the perfect companion for you and your horse to partner up with!