Ask Linsey….

By Linsey McLean

This column will be a regular feature in Natural Horse. Your questions are invited.

Q: How can "cow hocks" indicate body acidity?

A: "Cow hocks" is a term for the stance that a four-legged animal takes when it is weakly balanced. It tries to approach the more stable shape of a tripod by putting two of its legs together to form a single, strong support. Conventional thinking is that this is a genetic defect, but many years ago I learned differently. I was asked to help with the rehabilitation of humane society rescues of all ages, and many of them were severely cow hocked. Nobody wanted them for this reason. So I mixed custom supplements for them, seeing that they had poor coats and bad hooves (by the deformation of the proteins in hoof and hair), a sign of acid at the cell level and a sign of calcium, magnesium, and other deficiencies.

The results surprised even me - they all completely turned around! Their legs straightened up and nobody even recognized them as the same horses a few months later! Since then, many years ago, I have learned to look at the body with different eyes. I have even had old racehorses with cow hocks, and also contracted tendon tendencies, that straightened up in a few days to a week - not so dramatically as in a youngster, but evident if you look with new eyes. However, the correct chemical forms of these minerals must be used, as all are not equally effective. Amino acid chelates work best.

Anyway, cow hocks, contracted tendons, and knock-knees are all indications of an acid chemistry and environmental chemical contamination - one that predisposes to EPM/EPDS and Environmental Illness. The Vita Royal Program helps this condition greatly.

Linsey McLean, biochemist, is the founder and CEO of Vita Royal Products, Inc. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with specialties in Biology, Chemistry and Clinical Microbiology.

Linsey has been granted several U.S. Patents and has been honored with prestigious awards. In 1983 and 1984, Vita Royal was chosen as official supplier for the U.S. Equestrian team. Both custom and commercial supplements were formulated for the Olympic team which, incidentally, won a record number of gold and silver medals. She is also, of course, a horse owner.