Volume 2 Issue 6 - 2000


At Home with Homeopathy

Homeopathy – A Sight for Sore Eyes


Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment option for many eye ailments.

The eye is a very complex structure and any eye problem requires an examination by the veterinarian. It is never easy for one to tell what kind of damage is being done, or has been done, to the outer or inner workings of the eye, so this area is best left to the experts. The veterinarian's recommendations for enhancing the healing process may very well include a homeopathic remedy, as homeopathy can be of great value in promoting rapid and complete recovery. There are many homeopathic remedies that have an affinity with the eyes, and they have proven to be very helpful in many eye conditions, from injuries to infections. The remedies may be used alone or with other treatments. Your homeopathic veterinarian can recommend potencies (12X, 30X, 12C and 30C are generally available at your local health food store). The remedies that follow have more to their pictures than what is listed, so for a complete description of the remedy, consult your homeopath or a Materia Medica.


Herbs for Health

Harvest Thyme


By Carole Lynn Carrick

When we think of harvest time, we usually conjure up visions of autumn, with its colorful leaves and bright orange pumpkins, bright red apples and crisp, cool air. Many plants mature during those months when the temperature begins to cool, signaling the approach of winter. In those parts of the world where winters include snow and ice and freezing temperatures, most plants have no choice but to spend their growing seasons preparing to perpetuate their species in one fashion or another. Either they prepare seeds with sufficient nutrients to allow them to grow, or they build up nutrient stores of their own in order to survive those cold, dark months. In either case, the product of their labors is also available for us to share. Herbs, though, may be harvested at various times throughout the year.


Amazing Aromatherapy

The Synergy of Essential Oils


Janine is learning which oils Sharni approves of and wants in her blend.

By Catherine Bird

The use of scent with horses can be a wonderful experience. The horse's sense of smell is more acute than our own. Instinctively, the horse knows within nanoseconds if the essential oils you have selected will be of benefit to him. This gift will enhance your relationship with your horse on many levels - you can address physical problems, mental and emotional issues as well as developing the spiritual aspects of your relationship.


Chiropractic Works

Bones, Bones and More Bones!



Sharon probing the grave. Using this metal probe, she accurately isolated the most likely place the horse had been laid to rest and began digging.

By Catherine Bird

Most of us love spending time with our horses while they are alive. However Sharon May-Davis’s obsession with equine skeletons has earned her the nickname, “The Bone Lady”.

My day with Sharon was not aesthetically pleasant; there were flies, the smell of rotting flesh, and the hot Australian sun. It was, however, fascinating.


At Home With Homeopathy

Homeopathy – A Sight for Sore Eyes

Herbs for Health

Harvest Thyme

By Lynn Carrick


The Synergy of Essential Oils

By Catherine Bird

Kidz' Korner

Build an Obstacle Course

Humane Training

Understanding the Language of Horses

By Pat Parelli

Barn Buddies

Controlling Allergies in Dogs with Complementary Therapies

By Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Stable Environment

A Natural Way of Living

By Lisa Williams

From the Editor

Homeopathy Misunderstood

Feed Facts and Fancies

Environmental Illness

By Kate Hester, with Linsey McLea

Do it Yourself!

Horseshoe Bookends and More!

Creative Corral

Case Histories

The Story of Inty - Curing Founder Using the Strasser Method - Part 1

By Yvonne M. Welz

Special Features

Equine CranioSacral Work

By Maureen Rogers

Straight From the Horse's Mouth



Bones, Bones, and More Bones!

By Catherine Bird

Kidz Korner

Kids and Bareback Riding… A Great Combination!

By Christine Adderson


Puzzles and Games

Horse Tales

1001 Stall Stories


Feeling A Bit Tied Up

By Lauren Giannini

Ask Linsey

Question and Answer

By Linsey McLean

Book Bits and Video Views

Pat Parelli's Savvy System Part 1, Partnership

For the Rider

Is Riding as Much Fun as It Used to Be?

By Pat Parelli