Energetic HerbsEnergy Drawing

By Catherine Bird

When we walk in nature we often have no idea of how we are healing our body and soul. The energy of plants can be used to heal our horses and ourselves. When we look at the properties of herbs, we often look merely at whether it is a stimulant, alterative or tonic. These properties are seen in the physical action of the herb.

The process of using herbs with horses can be kept at this level, or we can begin to expand our use of herbs to an energetic level. One benefit of using herbs with our horses for the herb's energetic ability is that we need only minimal amounts, often below the recommended dose level, and therefore we are not able to give the horse a toxic dose.

When using herbs energetically we are looking at drops, not millilitres, of the fluid extract. Sometimes all that is needed is 10 drops in the water barrel to begin the process of energetically releasing blocks in the etheric body, or kick-starting biochemistry in the etheric nervous system, so that eventually it filters down to the physical body.

When we assess a horse with our intuitive third-eye chakra, we see a physical body, but we go past this, which fades, and we begin to see layers of energy. These layers of energy are connected by a webbing of electromagnetic loops that weave in and out of the being. This webbing is constantly sending messages through the energetic body to help sustain life in the physical body.

If we have attuned ourselves to working in higher dimensions, it is possible to infuse the spiritual essence of the herb we want, to trip off a biochemical response in the body. Most of us can't do this, unless we are as evolved spiritually as the likes of great teachers such as Sai Baba. What we can do is access the energetic bodies of our horses with small doses in the physical.

The reason we would want to do this is that most disease states begin in these energy bodies, and it is when we have not addressed the root cause of a situation in our life, or our horse's life, that it eventually manifests in the physical. Thoughts in the energetic mental body and emotions in the emotional body, if not in synchronicity with our soul purpose, create disturbances in our energy bodies. These disturbances can be transferred to our horses. We may feel grumpy or have thoughts of jealousy towards someone, and if we haven’t expressed them appropriately, our horses often become a carrier of these unsaid feelings. These feelings then have an accumulative effect in the body and begin to form crystallised energy. In some cases they can build up and cause toxic reactions in the body.

Fortunately, Nature has provided us with every tool we need to heal ourselves. As we become more aware of how we operate on many levels and dimensions, we can begin to understand how interconnected we are to all things. This then places a greater responsibility back onto individuals to be more mindful of their thoughts and emotions and, as their ability to address them grows, to then look at using Nature to clear the backlog.

A large component of healing is to "know thyself". This process will take some a lifetime, getting to know who we are, how we play out our mental and emotional foibles, and what we can do to minimise the negative effects of these on ourselves and our horses.

Following are some common herbs and  how we can use their energy to clear the backlog of our emotional responses that may have affected our horses.

Milk Thistle

This is an herb used to support the liver. It stimulates greater forgiveness in a person and a horse. With this release of forgiveness there is a powerful cleansing effect of the emotional body, which leads to a strengthening of many organ systems. It is a useful herb to keep in your dispensary if a horse owner is going through a relationship break-up or is resolved to a life alone. Animals commonly need this plant, often just to experience forgiveness in themselves. It might be wise from time to time to add a small amount of juice to a horse’s feed or a few seeds to chew on.


It is used for harmoniously joining together thought forms to be shared worldwide. Chickweed helps to release prejudices, allowing an owner and horse to release judgements from outside of themselves, from others.

When applied externally the saponins of chickweed help to solubilise toxins in abscesses and rashes and help increase the effectiveness of bactericide by increasing the permeability of bacterial cell walls. On a metaphysical perspective these skin irritants are reflecting irritations from outside, thus you can see why its important to help the body energetically find harmony.


The use of echinacea to boost the immune system is well known. By boosting the immune system with an herb such as echinacea you are protecting yourself and your horse from potential attack. It clears from the energy bodies unconscious fears and hatreds. Echinacea also helps clear a space to welcome change, so if you are moving to a new barn, adding a small handful of echinacea to your horse’s feed for a few days before and after the move will help reassure him he is safe from harm.


Fennel opens the heart to healing in a very grounded way. It is useful to give a horse who is not responding to healing or who has slow healing wounds. It clears blockages on a heart level between horse and owner. I also find a horse attracted to fennel plants along the roadside if the owner is feeling vulnerable to criticism from peers, or on the brink of succeeding and fearful of how their success will be accepted by the community. At these times a few strips of the fresh bulb can be added to the feed for three or four days.


Animals develop a greater appreciation of the life force. As animals come to know death, they tend to understand life. It is wise, in working with animals you are close to, that when garlic is utilised such as for de-worming, you recognise that the life force may increase in the animal. Training your horse with constructive exercises to utilise this increase in energy is useful. It is a short-lived energy, lasting from a few minutes to a couple of hours after ingestion. Because garlic gives a new appreciation of life within the animal it is often useful in the morning feeds of horses stabled for long periods of time.

The key to using this approach for better relationships, with yourself and with your horse, is to be kind to yourself. Everyone has ugly emotions and thoughts lurking below the image we consciously project to the outside world. So if you discover a part of yourself you do not like, or find your behaviour has affected the way your horse performs for you under saddle, forgive yourself and then address the backlog with some of the tools mentioned here. Feelings of blame and guilt can be just as toxic to the biochemical reactions in the body as anger and jealousy.

Remember, two ingredients to a healthier and happier life are intention and awareness. Also remember that if someone else's negative emotions are affecting you, it is only because you need to address that emotion in your life. If you don't have jealousy in your magnetic field, you cannot draw jealousy to you and into your life. It is important, when you are addressing a need in your horse, that you glance at yourself as well. You may find it beneficial to use the appropriate herb for you when you dose your horse. This way you are addressing your imbalance so your horse no longer has a need to reflect it back to you. 

Often we and our horses have all the biochemistry we need to function optimally within, however due to all the blocks of crystallised energy and emotions, it's trapped where it cannot be utilised. The herbs in turn help the body access what it had all along. It is pointless to take supplements if there are blocks in the physical and energetic bodies impairing the uptake and efficient use of them. Clear these emotions and you will find your horse will respond more obviously to his feed and additives.

You can create a special place in your garden dedicated to herbs. As you need only small quantities of herbs to address energetic inferences in your, and your horse’s, energy bodies, you can grow what you need.  If you have farmed the herbs yourself with love and intention, they will help your release of negative emotions and thoughts to be even more effective. If you have an ongoing problem that does not shift with a short-term dose, consider planting the desired herb in a garden pot and placing it at the doorway to your barn. This way the gentle energetic properties of the herb can be ever present around your horse.

About the author:

Catherine Bird is a Sydney-based qualified Aromatherapist, Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist specializing in treating animals. Her clients have included the NSW Mounted Police, Olympic level competitors, and horses in all disciplines as well as backyard pets. She is the author of Horse Scents, Making Sense with Your Horse Using Aromatherapy, which is one of a series being developed and she offers the Equine Aromatherapy Correspondence Course worldwide. For more information see www.hartingdale.com.au/~happyhorses, and http://communities.msn.com/HealthyHappyHorses, or email Catherine directly at happyhorses@hartingdale.com.au