A Great Six Weeks!

The past six weeks have been a wonderful experience, beginning with the 1st ever IAATH Conference (International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing – please join!) and ending with the fantastic Parelli Savvy Conference. And in between, we hosted the first mainland USA Equine Touch Clinic with Jock and Ivana Ruddock. It's been a fantastic educational and enlightening six weeks, and it went by in a blur. I met many delightful like-minded individuals who share a passion for the horse and his welfare, and I petted a real live wonderful Zorse, a horse/zebra cross (the highlight of my adventures!) I learned the basic Equine Touch and experienced its benefits. I learned so many wonderful things! But I missed my own animals, and I am cutting this short so I can spend a little quality time with them and apply what I've learned. Must go. More next time!