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By Linsey McLean

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Q: Can a good nutrition program alter the course of any disease even without drugs? Please explain this.

A. This is correct. In fact, what I have discovered from my research over many years with environmentally induced illnesses, is that when we can change the paradigm of the old standards of health within each individual body to a new one of better health, that the old expectations following the epidemiologies or "tracks" of diseases are no longer true. We can achieve different and better outcomes. In effect, we increase the resistance part of the disease equation.

The reality is such that there is more to the disease state than bugs. There are factors in an equation. And the outcome of the equation is the mathematical result of the factors. All the factors are important. This is the equation:

Low resistance (provides the opportunity) + high ability of organism to invade (strength of pathology) = disease state.

Western medicine only considers the pathology or ability of the organisms to invade, and classifies them according to this. The target of western medicine is just to kill the organism with drugs. And, under the old paradigm where health and resistance of the individual was taken for granted, that made all other factors equal. So the equation could be shifted effectively by this kind of intervention. But that was "then". It doesn't work so well anymore.

Eastern medicine developed essentially because the societies were poor and could not afford this kind of intervention. So it looked at the equation and chose a different factor to target to affect the outcome, one that everyone could use. This was "resistance" and reducing of the "opportunity" for the organisms to invade in the first place. They also found that not only was it effective for prevention practices, but for actual treatment of diseased states once they did exist.

Now that we have more and more instances of failures of the Western approach, with subsequent Eastern methods succeeding, we have a mental war of thinking. I call these wars, "wars of stupidity", in that no one seems to be able to step back out of their own woods to view the trees.

How much more sense would we have if there was less defensiveness about doing things simply for emotional reasons of security and tradition, following the same old protocols showing increasing failure rates, than if we consider BOTH factors? Each has merit, and each gives us a certain power over disease organisms and disease states. One does not, and should not ever exclude the other.

In China, Traditional Oriental Medicine is the primary medicine used, and Western medicine is considered "alternative", only to be used in case the TCM doesn't work! Because of the increasing problems with environmental chemicals affecting the "resistance" factors in the body, and creating bigger "opportunities" for ever more organisms to be considered as "pathogens", I subscribe to this approach. Putting more toxic chemicals in the body, as many drugs are, only serves to shoot ourselves in the foot, by lowering the resistance, even more opening the doors for opportunity and thus requiring even stronger drugs to deal with the whole mess! It becomes a downward spiral, with more and more final reports stating, "yes, we killed the infection, but unfortunately, we lost the patient".

This does NOT mean that we throw the baby out with the bath water! But if we use Western Medicine SENSIBLY and RESPECTFULLY, and we help the body deal with chemical poisoning, we strengthen the resistance so compromised by this, thus shifting the equation in our favor, which also decreases the opportunity of organisms, also another shift in our favor. The overall equation now balances with LESS need for Western intervention, if any at all. IF it is still needed, much less can be used effectively, and the body will be better able to handle what IS used. The mathematics makes sense, doesn't it? It works in real life too!

Linsey McLean, biochemist, is the founder and CEO of Vita Royal Products, Inc. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with specialties in Biology, Chemistry and Clinical Microbiology. Linsey has been granted several U.S. Patents and has been honored with prestigious awards. In 1983 and 1984, Vita Royal was chosen as official supplier for the U.S. Equestrian team. Both custom and commercial supplements were formulated for the Olympic team which, incidentally, won a record number of gold and silver medals. She is also, of course, a horse owner.

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