Joy and Carrie

Here is a true story I thought might interest you. My mother has a horse named Joy who was very ill for at least three years (from the time she acquired her) and we assume she was ill for some time before, due to her symptoms. She had lumps all over her neck and chest area, including one lump on her side the size of an egg. She also had numerous other lumps in areas where lymph nodes are present. She appeared quite exhausted, unable to get around very well due to stiffness in her legs and shoulders, and was generally very miserable. My mother had her tested by the family veterinarian, several times, which revealed no reason for her symptoms. My mother was consulting an animal communicator at the time, who told her that Joy most likely had cancer and should be left to live the remainder of her life as comfortable as possible. My mother was not satisfied with this opinion and, in panic, found another animal communicator on the Internet. Instead of getting the communicator she intended to get, she accidentally contacted Carrie Allen instead. Carrie communicated with Joy and found out that Joy had severe pesticide poisoning. Joy was immediately started on natural herbs and other homeopathic treatments. Within two months, Joy had shown dramatic improvement. The lumps had started to disappear, she was no longer depressed and her body was healing. It has been two years since Carrie Allen first communicated with Joy. At twenty years of age, Joy has never been healthier. It is so wonderful to see her running through the field with her tail and mane flowing in the breeze. This is just one example (quite condensed) of how Carrie Allen's gift of communication has helped the animals on my mother's farm. In eleven years of working with communicators, there has not been anyone who provides as much information, or been as accurate, as Carrie is. You can find out more about Carrie by visiting I think everyone should know about this wonderful gift and that all communicators are not the same. Please, contact my mother or me if you would like more information about this amazing true story. It is one story that I know will touch your hearts as it has touched ours.


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