Volume 2 Issue 7 - 2000



Skin Conditions and Homeopathy

By Cheyanne West, C-Hom.

Abscesses and skin ulcers

Skin Allergies

Skin problems and injuries


Rain scald - sweet itch


Summer sores


One of the most puzzling aspects of owning a horse is when something "mysterious" appears on the skin. We call a veterinarian to diagnose the condition, and do biopsies (in some cases) or culture tests to determine what it actually is. These tests can be costly, and in some cases unproductive. Some skin conditions may be simple, acute, or minor allergic reactions that can be relieved with over the counter medicines or "natural remedies". Others can be more complicated but may be cured with the proper use of homeopathy by treating the patient rather than the condition. Whatever the situation, it is important to determine the underlying cause of the problem and correct it.




How You Think and What You Say is How You Ride

by Montie Eagle

Our horses often faithfully mirror how we riders think and speak about ourselves as well as our horses. At some time in the past each one of us has struggled to master riding skills that seemed to be elusive, but few of us realized how our mastery often depended on how we spoke about what we were doing.

One frustrated student wails, "I’ll never learn my posting diagonals!" A second states, "I can’t sit the trot," while another rider claims, "My horse always runs out at a stone wall." None realize that their way of thinking and talking about their riding is their biggest problem. Using words like "never," "can't" and "always" says to the rider's mind that change is an impossible dream, attainable only by gifted others, and not by themselves.


The Bridle Lame Horse

Before - note the skipping action in the hindquarter. See how much loadbearing is increased on the foreleg when this occurs.

by Sharon May-Davis

Even though a bridle lame horse does not exhibit the true characteristics associated with lameness such as heat, pain and swelling, he does however exhibit one or more symptoms that elicit concern. For example; the horse can be scratchy in front, short striding, skipping, hopping, stiff in the shoulders or unable to extend to its full potential. Furthermore, your horse may have a change in attitude, be sore around the poll, become reluctant to work, and, more notably, display a marked drop in performance.  

Feature Article


Mental Housecleaning: Brain Integration and the Amazing ResultsChris Treml

By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

Physicians are now writing scientific articles and books about their experiences using long-distance healing to help people’s ailing bodies. For example, The Western Journal of Medicine and Intuition magazine both contain accounts of Dr. Elisabeth Targ’s triple-blind experiment with 40 experienced healers who used a variety of techniques to help heal AIDS patients, whom they had never met. This beautifully designed and rigorously controlled study showed that the long-distance healing clearly helped the AIDS patients improve.


In loving memory; Misty II, 1974 to 2000. Granddaughter of the famous Misty of Chincoteague, Chincoteague Pony Drill Team member (See story in Press Releases)

Photo courtesy of Kendy Allen




Chelan (right), 4-year-old Thoroughbred/English Shire who used to be cow-hocked. Read about what was really behind her cow-hocked stance in Feed Facts and Fancies. - Photo by Kate Hester

Feed Facts and Fancies

A Cow-Hocked Filly

By Kate Hester


Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Mesquite Beans

Feature Article

Mental Housecleaning: Brain Integration and the Amazing Results

By Susan Rifkin Ajamian


Press Release

In Memory of MistyII


Herbs for Health

Energetic Herbs

By Catherine Bird

Barn Buddies

Wheat Grass - not just for grazers!

By Loreta Vainius


Do it Yourself!

Tie a First Class Rope Halter

By Connie Nygard

Stable Environment

Natural Hooves - The Strasser Way


Ask Linsey

Question and Answer

By Linsey McLean


Silently Speaking

A Trio of Teachers - Gideon Goodhart, Kim Walnes, and The Gray Goose

By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

Case Histories

Joy and Carrie

By Stacy Tusing


Kidz Korner






Book Bits and Video Views

Finding the Magic, By Dan Sumerel

When the Body Says "Ouch", By Kim Henneman, DVM

Pony Express

Equine Touch - Letter to the Editor


From the Editor

A Great Six Weeks


Special Features

TTouching your Horse

By Shelly Moore


Horse Tales

Molly McMule's 1001 Stall Stories


For the Rider

Saddle Fitting