From The Editor




What I Wish for the New Millennium

This is not by any means a complete list:

All animals will have a good home, whether it be in the wild or in captivity.

All humans will respect and support nature in every way possible.

The importance of nutrition and proper diet will finally be recognized, accepted and practiced by all humans, for themselves and for their animals.

All foods will be grown organically and not chemically treated, not irradiated, not genetically altered.

Sprouts will be grown in every home in the world.

Communication will take on a whole new dimension and depth.

Horses and bicycles, instead of cars, will be used to go places.

Energy medicine will be proven as real and effective.

Energy will be understood and revered, not exploited and feared.

Fitness will become the norm, not the ab-norm.

Smiles will replace frowns.

Good habits will replace bad ones.

Strength will replace weakness.

Good will replace evil.

Right will replace wrong.

Honesty will replace dishonesty.

Love will replace hate.

Thanks will replace ingratitude.

Good health will replace ill health.

Disease and the need for medicine will be greatly reduced.

When medicine is necessary, natural medicine will be used first.

Conventional medicine will be used as a last resort (if that ever happens).

Good health and happiness to all!