Straight From the Horses Mouth

Search and Rescue

When my person came runnin' to the gate yellin' my name, I knew I was needed for an important job. I could jus' tell by her voice. I felt my nostrils flare and my heart speed up.

"Katie's been hit and we gotta go find her," she wailed, and she tacked me up with a speed I hadn't seen in a while.

Katie, our neighbors' dog, had run out into the street after bein' "freed" from her tether by a roamin' canine acquaintance. Out in the country where we live, vehicles don't come by 'cept every once in a while, but that day a motorcycle crossed Katie's path, a path she had never taken before - across the road. Followin' her trouble-makin' friend. That poor driver - first he hit the brakes for the dog that dashed past in front of him, and then, while he was watchin' it and countin' his blessin's, another (Katie) plows into him. Neither one knew what hit 'em. Off Katie ran, yelpin', and disappeared into the brush and trees.

The driver was all shook up and stopped to tell Katie's owners what happened. Katie's broken collar hung on the snap and the family ran out to the trees where she was last seen. Everybody called her name, everybody looked for paw prints, and nobody found her. She had gone further into the woods than anyone guessed. It was time for some more legs and some horsepower. They called on trusty old me, steadfast and true, slow but sure, and retired - retired folks are always bein' called upon.

My person stuffed some syringes, with remedies in them, into her pocket and grabbed up one of my buddies for the neighbor, Katie's 'mama', to ride. Off we went, over the hill and through the woods, headin' towards Katie's house, lookin' and callin' her name all the way.

On the trail we heard a motor vehicle, and there was Katie's 'papa' on the 4-wheeler. If you asked me, I thought it was pretty silly takin' a noisy vehicle like that out on a search - how would he hear her if she was under a bush cryin'? He'd fly right past. And I don't know about Katie, but if you asked me, I sure woulda felt more at ease hearin' a few quiet hooves approach me than a loud, fast steel machine - especially havin' just run into one, if ya know whut I mean. Besides that, if he found her, how could he drive and carry a dog? Anyway, the folks compared notes and we continued our search in opposite directions.

Up and down the hills we went, through the narrow trails in the woods, makin' a clear trail as we went. With ears pricked and nostrils sniffin', we looked, called and listened for a couple of hours. Still no sign of Katie. Everyone was really worried but some folks had to give up the search.

Finally, she was spotted by - guess who - no, not us 4-leggers - but by that guy on the 4-wheeler! She was lyin' in a field of tall grass next to the woods, scared and tremblin', but not too banged up. 'Papa' drove her home, safely, on the 4-wheeler. (So much for askin' me.) Off to the vet she went, and she came home with instructions to stay in and rest a few days. A happy endin' after all.

Love, P-pot,

Rescue Squad