IAATH Conference a Historical Landmark

This year is a landmark in history for the world of complementary therapies! August 17-20, 2000, marks the first conference for the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing (IAATH). It is being held in Vancouver, Washington, at the Washington State University's Salmon Creek Campus. The IAATH, a National Heritage Foundation, is an alliance of professional healers, therapists, and concerned companies and individuals dedicated to assisting in the maintenance, balance, and enhancement of the mind, body, and spirit of all animals. (If you have not already joined this important organization, please consider doing so now - just call 914-378-5292.)

Among the many great presentations and speakers will be Linda Tellington-Jones, Michael Fox, Mimi Porter, Mary Ann Simonds, Nancy Zidonis, Catherine Bird, Gail Wetzler, Donna Starita, Mike Gleason, and Lori Makinen. All are invited: animal loving humans, manufacturers, practitioners .

Integrative medicine has been waiting in the wings too long. Every day more evidence mounts about the efficacy and safety of the 'alternative' therapies in comparison to the mounting evidence of commonplace ill-effects of conventional medicine. This is not to say that conventional medicine has no merits; it most certainly does when we look at emergency measures. Every moment there are miraculous results of surgical lifesaving tactics and injury repairs. Conventional medicine has come so far that putting an appendage back on is no big deal these days. Nor can we fail to recognize the necessity of quick fixes and manipulations at the right times.

What I am referring to is the commonplace use, or abuse, of conventional medicine - using drugs and surgeries to correct a problem that is more appropriately and effectively corrected through proper diet, lifestyle, and natural therapy. Humanity as a whole has come too far away from sound, safe, healthy living practices and preventive tactics. Nutrition, for example, is undeniably neglected. It is often the last thing considered and addressed when trying to cure an ailment or illness.

Health maintenance and prevention are far superior to any improper attempts to cure, which may alleviate in one way yet exacerbate in another. Proper and discriminate use of such overused treatments as vaccines and dewormers for our horses and other animals has sadly become a thing of the past; 'routine' vaccination and deworming are bombarding the system and sickening our animals. We are gradually beginning to see through that cloud of wool and are realizing the harm that can be done. What ever happened to the oath, "Do no harm"?

Though it may not promote booming business, as does self-perpetuating drug therapy, complementary medicine, on the other hand, is a win-win situation for the patient. It heals without harmful side effects and restores health, building a better resistance for the future. Complementary medicine works with the body, and not against it. It even works with conventional medicine, though the severity of some types of conventional drugs and treatments can seriously thwart or even halt the positive effects of complementary therapies.

All too often, complementary therapies are turned to as a last resort, after the body has been seriously disturbed or contaminated by harsh, manipulating drug and chemical therapies, and after the individual has been told there is nothing more to be done. Yet miraculously, those individuals can still overcome all that abuse and the original disease. It always amazes me. The body is miraculous, and it deserves the best. We must learn to take good care of the body or we will lose it. Complementary therapies offer the best quality, least harmful medicine and they have done so for millennia. It is time that complementary medicine once again receives the consideration, support, and acceptance it so rightly deserves. By attending this year's first Conference of the IAATH, you can gain valuable knowledge, participate in a historical 'revival', show your support for sound, do-no-harm medicine, have fun, and help to promote a better life for all.

This August, attend the IAATH Conference. DON'T MISS IT! For more information or to register, contact:


PO Box 761

La Center, WA 98629

360-263-6359, ext. 1