Personal Ponies

This little filly, born April 16th, 2000, is named Kiwi. She will go to a 4-year-old autistic boy in Jay, NY.

Personal Ponies Ltd., Inc. is a unique, non-profit organization dedicated to providing disabled children with a Miniature Shetland Pony to love and care for completely without charge. Our ponies are "gift horses" for special needs "kids" of all ages.

Hello! My name is Rarilee Conway. I am the New York State Director of PERSONAL PONIES LIMITED, INC. I live in Wilmington, NY and support Personal Ponies by volunteering as a breeder. This April we are expecting our first foal. The foal will be donated to a child with disabilities at no charge. If you know of a child who would benefit from having their very own small equine, please contact PPL.

PERSONAL PONIES was founded almost a decade ago because as a horse breeder of almost thirty years experience, Marianne Alexander of Freeville, NY believed that having a tiny pony to care for and enjoy can immeasurably enrich the lives of children with disabilities. The vision of pairing disabled children with a tiny, loving equine has proven to be a unique method of fostering love, communication and joy in children's lives. There is just something very special that happens between a pint-size pony and a small child... There is a kind of magic in this little animal that speaks to a child in its own way.

The inborn good nature of the United Kingdom type Shetlands makes them ideal companions for children with disabilities. Their pint size - less than 34 inches high and weight of less than 300 pounds - makes them safe and un-intimidating for small children.

Ponies Kissing!

We believe in magic! It is a well known saying that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man; surely the outside of a pony would be good for the inside of a small child with disabilities.

Miniature Shetlands of the UK type were chosen for this project because of their exceptionally kind and gentle dispositions. To date, thanks to our many donors, we have placed almost five hundred and fifty ponies with children with disabilities on Volunteer Breeding Farms or in our Promotions Program. We are represented in forty-five states and in Eastern and Western Canada. These figures change almost daily! Even so, not all of these states have pony programs as yet - we simply do not have enough ponies to fill the need.

We need people who are willing to sponsor the upkeep of a pony for a child who does not have the facilities to keep one at home or who would like to join our Partners Program and pledge just $35 per month to "keep" a pony of their "own." There are many ways interested individuals can help support our program. The demand for ponies far exceeds our ability to provide them. Our needs are great. Wouldn't you like to know how you can help? 

Direct financial support is also an ongoing need. Our "Wish List" is long. We need working capital for the expansion of the herd. At PERSONAL PONIES we are truly non-profit. No one takes a penny for his or her work.

For more information contact, Rarilee Conway at 518-946-2630, or, or visit