Volume 2 Issue 4 - 2000


At Home with Homeopathy

Several remedies can prove useful in an acute situation

Muscle Remedies

Horsepower. It's what catapulted the four-wheeled GTO, the 'muscle car' of the 60's, around. That's horsepower of one kind. Horsepower of the original kind is what propels our four-legged friends around. What makes horsepower? Muscle does.

The powerful muscles in the hindquarters drive the horse and his burdens forward, upward, side to side, and backward; the hindquarters are his engine. Where would the horse be without muscle? Without functioning muscle, a horse would be little more than a statue.









Herbs for Health

Herbs for Horses - From Feed Bucket to Bath


Herbs shipped in vacuum-sealed bags and stored in light-proof containers will retain their potency and benefits longer.


By Shelly Moore

The use of herbs for horses has a long and colorful history throughout the world. From the days of old to modern day, the use of herbs for many conditions has been available to nearly everyone. Ancient civilizations used herbs long before the advent of homeopathy or allopathic medicine because plants were readily available and were all that they had. Throughout history herbal use has been documented for humans as well as animals.

Wild horses of today and long ago roamed many miles per day in search of food and water. These horses grazed nearly continuously throughout the day and night on all types of grasses, brush, and trees. Our domesticated horses do not have the luxury of choosing such a varied diet. I believe that our horses have lost some of the instinctive "knowing" of choosing the herbs that they require or desire because we have domesticated them and taken away their abilities to roam several miles daily in search of food. Thus, the burden of providing our horses with herbs that they need or want has fallen on us as their owners or caregivers.


Chiropractic Works

Looking Into the Neck and Shoulders


Carrot stretches are a good way to find any uneven range of motion.

What is really happening when a certain part of the body has a locomotor dysfunction? Does that body have an isolated problem or does the problem originate elsewhere? That is the dilemma often confronting horse owners and riders, and through chiropractic examination, one can get to the source of the problem.

 We all know that the body is a whole, and what goes on in one part can affect another. When looking at the neck, for instance, there is a wide range of possible scenarios that may present themselves if there happens to be a slight misalignment in any of the cervical vertebrae. Because the central nervous system or spinal cord runs from head to tail, with nerves radiating out from it in all directions and affecting every miniscule area of the body, anything can happen. A subluxation here, a limp there.


Amazing Aromatherapy

Calming Aromatherapy for Fear and Anxiety

By Catherine Bird


Buddy happily sniffing the aromas from Catherine's hands

One of the most unsettling experiences to deal with when you are handling your horse is an attack of fear or anxiety. Once the incident takes shape of its own then your own emotions come into play and continue the spiral of energy that leads you and your horse down an unpleasant path.

It is useful if you can find out the WHY when your horse shows such symptoms. Does he have a history of abuse? Was there an accident from which he has not let go of the negative emotions? Do you get anxious knowing your horse may react to a situation? When your horse shows anxiety, how do you react?

Aromatherapy will not replace good training methods, bit it will give you "keys" when you find blocks or resistance to your techniques. Use the essential oils that provide these keys to create a space for the next learning experience and then return to sound training foundations.


At Home With Homeopathy

Muscle Remedies

Herbs for Health

Herbs for Horses - From Feed Bucket to Bath

By Shelly Moore


Looking Into the Neck and Shoulders

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Humane Training

Catching the Horse

By Clinton Anderson

Barn Buddies

Natural Therapies for Fleas

By Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Pony Express

Personal Ponies

By Rarilee Conway

From the Editor

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Healthy Treats - To treat or not to Treat

by Catherine Bird

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CASE STUDY - Head Shaker

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Calming Aromatherapy for Fear and Anxiety

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