Temporary Boot for Foundered Hoof with Coffin Bone Rotation

By Cindy Kunkel

This temporary boot helps a horse with coffin bone rotation to stand and move.

STEP ONE - Gather materials:

- 2" thick polyfoam (couch cushion) cut slightly larger circumference than hoof. If the degree of rotation is greater, you may need 4" thick polyfoam for the comfort of the horse.

- Duct Tape (medium grade)

- Newspaper


STEP TWO - Make an asterisk shape using the duct tape (sticky side up) on top of the newspaper.


STEP THREE - Center polyfoam on duct tape.


STEP FOUR - Center hoof on polyfoam. This can be accomplished by lifting the hoof and sliding the newspaper under the location where the hoof will come down. Pull the duct tape up over hoof wall.


STEP FIVE - Add a piece of duct tape around the back of the hoof securing the points of the asterisk shape around the sides as well as the back. Carefully trim off points of the asterisk that extend beyond this newly added piece of duct tape.


STEP SIX - Fold another piece of duct tape in half lengthwise with sticky sides against each other. Apply this piece to the back of the pastern like a sandal strap. Be able to fit two fingers between the duct tape sandal strap and the back of the pastern to allow for circulation.


STEP SEVEN - Place a piece of duct tape over the toe securing the front points of the asterisk and the ends of the duct tape sandal strap. Keep duct tape off hairline as much as possible.


STEP EIGHT - Pick up the hoof and wrap the toe piece of duct tape under the hoof.