Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2002

Herbs for Health

Herbs and Your Mare: The Young Filly, The PMS Mare, The Pregnant Mare, The Menopausal Mare

By Patti Duffy-Salmon

Mares and fillies' problems may range from mild cramping to severe attitude problems. Different herbs can help with different mare problems and situations, including pregnancy.


Sharing Awareness With Horses

By Mary Ann Simonds

Horses exchange thoughts and feelings with us all the time, whether using body language or staring at us with intent. This is sharing awareness, and may be what is behind this obsession of humans to ride and have relationships with horses.

Kidz' Korner

Ground Skills

By Christine Adderson

How can you and your horse learn to do this? With Parelli Natural Horsemanship and The Seven Games!

Case Histories

Gambi's Story

By Cindy Kunkel

Gambi's right front hoof, 17-degree rotation and dropped sole. Founder is not a death sentence anymore. Many horses are regrowing normal, healthy hooves as a result of natural living conditions and the Dr. Strasser barefoot trim.


AnahĂ­ S. Zlotnik, MV
Catherine Bird
Linsey McLean
Leslie Desmond
Dan Sumerel
Patti Duffy-Salmon
Adam Burns
Mary Ann Simonds
Shawn Messonnier, DVM
Christine Adderson
Cindy Kunkel
Susan Rifkin Ajamian




On the cover:

Desi, Quarter Horse Throughbred mare, enjoyes a natural lifestyle outside, no matter what the weather.

Feed Facts and Fancies
Founder and Allergy Connection
By Linsey McLean


At Home With Homeopathy
Interlude: A Racehorse and His Treatment with Homeopathy
By Anahi S Zlotnik, MV


Touch Tips
By Catherine Bird


In Training
How do I keep my horse round at The canter?
By Leslie Desmond

Stable Environment
Sad Horse Stories
By Dan Sumerel


Barn Buddies
Flower Essences
Shawn Messonnier, DVM


Special Features
Reiki - Healing With Your Hands and Mind


Expert Exchange
Linsey McLean: Molasses and alfalfa


Silently Speaking... Messages through Animal Communications
The Way of the Island
By Randi Peters


Molly McMule's 1001 Stall Stories
Mounted Police


Do It Yourself!
Temporary Boot for Foundered Hoof
with Coffin Bone Rotation
By Cindy Kunkel


Straight from the Horses Mouth
Changing of the Guard


For the Rider
Balanced Horsemanship with T'ai Chi
By Adam Burns


Book Bits and Video 'Views
A Lifetime of Soundness
By Dr. Vet. Med. Hiltrud Strasser

Raindrop Therapy
By Heather Mack, VMD




Pony Express
International Centered Riding®
Symposium 2000 - Mind, Body, Horse


Creative Corral
Press Release