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Basic Massage & Bodywork For Your Horse
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Just over 30 minutes
Video and manual, $39.95

Review by Kate Hester

Basic Massage & Bodywork For Your Horse is the perfect tool for the beginner who has an interest in equine bodywork. It is the first in a series of teaching videos about using bodywork to keep your horse relaxed, fit and flexible.

Helen Davies, Professional Equine Massage Therapist and Assistant EquiTouch® Instructor, takes you step-by-step through three basic strokes that will provide a basis for more advanced work. She explains how, when and where to apply the strokes and emphasizes the importance of knowing when and where NOT to massage.

The video also offers good warm-up and cool down exercises, and demonstrates some basic stretching techniques. Tips are offered for ways to incorporate massage into regular grooming sessions.

The organization of the video reflects the basic philosophy of the EquiTouch® School of Equine Massage, which is that effective massage does not necessarily follow a set pattern for every horse. Instead, the emphasis is on treating each horse as an individual and tailoring each massage session to the horse.

Included with the video is an excellent basic anatomy Field Manual. The manual includes well-drawn illustrations of the three basic strokes with reminders of appropriate and inappropriate areas for applying the strokes. It also has three separate drawings showing the skeletal structure of the horse, the muscular anatomy, and the exterior, all correctly labeled in detail. This is a valuable tool for any beginning horseman or woman. This is in addition to a chalk drawing of the skeletal landmarks on the living body of Speedy, a beautiful bay Standardbred Horse.

The best part of the entire video is the obvious enjoyment of the equine stars Forrest, Speedy, Chile, Max and Karnaval. All four horses are so clearly enthusiastic about the entire process that the viewer will want to immediately run to the barn to give a massage to her own horse!

Basic Massage & Bodywork For Your Horse would be a valuable addition to any video library. Watch for the full series of EquiTouch® massage videos with the next edition scheduled to come out late 2001.