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Sandy Bradley, VMD, on Natural Healing


Dr. Strasser on Hoofcare

Excerpted from The Horse's Hoof, Volume 1 Issue 2, Winter Newsletter

Q: Why is pastern axis alignment not an important consideration with the Strasser trim? It is so important to so many other "experts" in the field.

A: The pastern axis does not matter so much as having the coffin bone ground-parallel and that there is no pain in the heel/bar area. The axis of the pastern is determined by the tension from the tendons and muscles in the shoulders, and when there is pain in the heel area, the horse shifts weight toward the toe, often steepening the pastern. But by making sure in your trim that the hooves have proper angles and no heel pain, the pastern and everything else will follow into its correct place.

Q: Does Dr. Strasser have a special trim for sesamoiditis? The conventional trim for sesamoiditis is high heel, short toe. My mare had a hairline fracture in the sesamoid four years ago and was retired as a pasture horse since then.

A: A hairline fracture is a sign of insufficient shock absorption in the hoof (incorrect hoof shape, shoeing, etc.). Return natural shock absorption to the horse by restoring the hooves to normal shape and function, and the old hairline fracture will not matter, nor will it give any cause for lameness. Trim the hooves properly, and use the horse intelligently.

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Dr. Hiltrud Strasser is a German veterinarian who has been researching lameness for 20 years and her startling discoveries are revolutionizing hoof care. She operates The Institute for Hoof Health and ESHOP (European School for Hoof Orthopedics) in Tuebingen, Germany, a center for study and learning in which the hoofcare specialists in Europe obtain their schooling. In this first holistic hoof clinic, equine patients from around Europe are routinely healed and restored to a fully active life after being given up as hopeless and incurable by conventional veterinary medicine.

Dr. Strasser has authored several textbooks on lameness and healing, reference books on natural boarding for horses, and many articles for both horse and veterinary journals. Only two books have been translated into English: A Lifetime of Soundness and Shoeing: A Necessary Evil?, available through:
Star Ridge Publishing, 870-743-4603
Sabine Kells, PO Box 44, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1S7, Canada.

Sandy Bradley, VMD, on Natural Healing

Q: What is the importance of plant nutrition in holistic and natural healing?

A: The greater question is what is the primary aim in the healing arts (medicine)? What is healing? As a physician, I believe that true healing is total restoration of function to the individual and its parts; enabling any part to do what it was designed to do, unimpaired. In Wholistic medicine, those parts are of body, mind, and spirit.

What has been my answer? Food is medicine. My medicine and that of my pets and patients is good quality foods - basic nutrients. Medicine is simple, not complex in theory nor treatments. In my 22 years of practicing medicine, 17 of them have been food, medicine/herbal, and natural healing. The greatest key to fighting and winning any disease is unadulterated, uncontaminated, unaltered foods, clean water, and fresh air. Depending on whose definition you choose to accept as authority, an herb may not be an herb. My belief is that every herb may be a plant, but not every herb mankind calls an herb is truly an herb. If you cannot eat an herbal plant with the safety that you can an apple, it is not then an herb because it is not food that only restores, rebuilds, replenishes and repairs the body.

In my experiences, understanding principles of approach are far more important than just understanding how to use the tools. Whose definition you choose to accept is of the utmost importance! This premise cannot be stressed enough. It is this principle which has led to the successful reversal of all manner of disease not only in myself, but my pets, my patients, my family members and friends as cited in my two books, Let The Mocking Bird Sing Herbal Praise (from the Old Barn) and Herbal Remedies That Have Worked For Doc Bradley, Her Pets, Her Patients, Her Family, Her Friends. Like a car designed to run solely on gasoline, as humankind and animalkind, we are designed to maintain, regenerate and repair solely on food nutrients and spiritual nutrition. Mankind is a spiritual being and so are your horse and other pets. Medicine is a spiritual issue not separate from the body. Another key to the success of my practice is accepting the premise that a tomato or corn is just as much of an herb as rosemary or sage, which broadens the concept of herb. "True" organic versus "altered" organic is another variable that determines the outcome of complete, total, and sustained healing. Understanding principles of wholistic/herbal healing is more important than memorizing which herbal plant or natural technique affects which disease.

About the author:
I am Doc Bradley, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, disappointed in the allopathic education taught as truth. I am now dedicated to serving and educating those who wish to hear how SIMPLE medicine can reverse cancers, obliterate lesions, restore muscle, bone, tendons, and ligaments without surgery, correct blood and hormonal disorders, abolish AIDS, and in essence, combat every disease process, even genetic - if one believes in the basic principles and has faith in the Creator who provided them. In more than 5,000 cases, of those treated from this approach, more than 90% were helped just on "true", organic, herbal foods and dietary management - including myself.