Great Things On the Horizon

A big THANK YOU to everyone for sending in your vaccination surveys. It has been very interesting reading them, but very depressing and sometimes infuriating. I would love to hear more, however! If you just subscribed and did not get Volume 3 Issue 1 with the tear-out survey, you can access the same survey form on our website,, or call our office for one. You may make as many copies as you like and have friends fill them out as well. Again, we are curious as to how many cases of laminitis, founder, allergy, colic, ulcers, joint disease, bone problems, head-shaking, or any other disease or injury, no matter how mild or seemingly-unrelated, were preceded (up to 2 months generally) by vaccinations. Even horses who have since passed on can be included. This is a general interest survey only and the results (no names, just statistics) will be revealed in a later issue. Illnesses or problems after vaccinations should always be reported to the veterinarian, even if the veterinarian cautions that there MAY be a stiff neck or colic or whatever. Veterinarians need to be notified about both expected and unexpected reactions. Only then can we improve on our horse care.

On the immediate horizon, we have a Dan Sumerel workshop in Pennsylvania. Dan's expertise with horses is not a life-long thing like with most horse 'trainers', and because of that he has learned how to truly understand the horse and get the most out of his relationships with them. But better than that, he has developed a system by which ANYONE can do so, without special equipment. When I first saw this man with a 'baggie on a stick' in a round pen, I thought, "Well, there's another round pen trainer…'. But as I watched, I recognized this man's insight and talent with horses, as well as his ability to present his knowledge understandably to the people. In fact, Dan acquired his knowledge from the best - Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, John Lyons, and Buck Brannaman, to name a few, and he shares their philosophies because he has seen and experienced the positive changes when he understood and accepted those philosophies. And by utilizing the knowledge thus gained, he dramatically improved his relationship with a very challenging stallion that he purchased. Soon Dan was being called upon to help others, and others, and others. Having had teaching experience, he excelled at helping others, and not having grown up around horses was in his case a monumental benefit, because he was not 'set in his ways'. He is now teaching all over the US and abroad, has written a brilliant, enlightening, educational, hilarious, insightful, delightful, and very useful book, FINDING THE MAGIC. Every horse person should read this. I look forward to this upcoming workshop and I will be an active participant. A benefit demonstration and lecture will be held Friday night, May 11th, and all proceeds from this will go to the Lost and Found Horse Rescue in York, PA. In fact, the Friday night demo horse will be an adoptable horse from the L&FHR. (Are you looking for a professionally-trained horse??) The 2-day workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13. Call 800-660-8923/610-926-0427 for details.

Next, the infamous and honorable duo, Hiltrud Strasser, DrVetMed, from Germany, and Sabine Kells, first North American Strasser-Certified Hoofcare Specialist, will be touring parts of Canada and the eastern US, enlightening and guiding horse owners from all over the US on their barefoot hoof trimming techniques and natural methods. The lives of many, many horses have been saved and greatly improved thanks to Dr. Strasser's 20 years of research and treatment. Her success in Germany has gained international attention, and we who have adopted her methods have found first-hand that they really are best for the horse. Having Dr. Strasser grace our North American shores is truly a privilege and a blessing. Details on where and when this dynamic duo will be can be found at, or call the NHM office, 800-660-8923.

Also on the horizon is the return of the Equine Touch masters, Jock and Dr. Ivana Ruddock from Europe. They have been touring the US and have left not a mere ripple where they have been, but a wake. Their expertise at instruction and their sincere compassion for horses and their people is what makes the Equine Touch clinics like no other. Ok, and the technique itself is absolutely amazing. Jock's research and insight into what is the best way to apply this technique to the horse (and the human) has greatly enhanced the modality. His wife, Ivana, a veterinarian and former lecturer in anatomy, has contributed greatly to the modality as well, and brings to the clinics a wealth of knowledge and understanding along with her expertise. They will be back in August and September, and information is available through the NHM office, 800-660-8923, or