Volume 3 Issue 3 - 2001

Feature Article

Equine Touch
By Anne Rawle

As host farm for the four-day Equine Touch seminar in March, we were very lucky and honored to have close interaction with Jock and Ivana. What was more of a privilege was to have many of our horses used as practice animals for students in both Beginner and Advanced sessions. We found out that ALL of our horses showed marked improvement when they returned to their usual under-saddle routine, no matter if they were in the low or advanced levels of training.

Spencer La Flure, EqD Adv. Cert.

Special Feature

Your Horse Needs Proper Dental Care
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

"Dentistry is probably the single most important management practice we provide for our horses. Properly done it can prolong their useful life, dramatically improve performance, improve many body functions, prevent disease, and have a greater effect on the horse's quality of life than any other care we give them. Mouth problems and poorly done dentistry cause more pain, more lameness, and neurological imbalance than any other illness, injury, or poor management practice," says Judith M. Shoemaker, D.V.M. She thinks that more than half of horses' performance problems may be related to or exacerbated by dental problems...

In Training

Disengaging the Hindquarters

Disengaging his hindquarter will help calm your horse down and get him to think.

By Pat Parelli

It's very important to teach your horse to have a soft and responsive disengagement for several reasons.
1. This simple movement becomes your unfailing "equine emergency brake." Getting this good in a non-threatening situation will help you handle an emergency where your horse is ready to run off....

Of Interest

James Shaw's Tai Chi for Equestrians helps riders "ride from the inside out".

Photo by Merrily Veatch

Proper Breathing Creates the Foundation for Riding From the Inside Out: Tai Chi for Equestrians™ with James Shaw
By Cynthia McFarland

"Head up!" "Heels down!" "Shoulders back!" "Drop your hands!" "Don't look down!" "Relax!" Your trainer's words ring in your head as you strive to perfect your form. Yet somehow the harder you try, the more tense you feel. Make no mistake, your horse feels the tension, too, and it hinders his freedom of movement.

Curiosity in youngsters of all species
Photo courtesy of Mary Ann Simonds


Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. vet. med.
Judith Shoemaker, DVM/VMD
Spencer LaFlure
Susan Rifkin Ajamian
Tanya Nolte
Catherine Bird
Dan Sumerel
Erica Stoton
Joell Brewster
Lesley Ann Taylor
Heather Thomas
James Shaw
Cynthia McFarland
Pat Parelli
Nancy Zidonis
Amy Snow
Sharon May-Davis
Nayana Morag
Linda Bertschinger
Anne Rawle








Jock and Dr. Ivana Ruddock, touring the USA teaching the Equine Touch. Read about the results of their first 2001 USA class and this amazing technique that they have developed in our Feature Article

Silently Speaking
On The Road Again!
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

Feed Facts and Fancies
A Breakthrough in Equine Nutrition
By Joell Brewster

Kidz' Korner
The Way of the Horse
By Dan Sumerel

Touch Tips
What I Am Learning …..
By Catherine Bird


Stable Environment
Equine Injuries
By Erica Stoton


Barn Buddies
Sadie Meets Pony: Acupressure to the Rescue!
By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis


Herbs for Health
Eliminate Ulcers
By Erica Stoton


Jaime Jackson: Advocate of the Natural Hoof
By Heather Smith Thomas

Molly McMule's 1001 Stall Stories
And the winner is…The Black Stallion!!!


Do It Yourself!
How to Safely Check Your Horse's Mouth
By Susan Ajamian, Demonstrated by Spencer La Flure, EqD Adv. Cert.


Straight from the Horses Mouth
Gone Grazin'

For the Rider
Are You Sitting on a Problem?
By Lesley Ann Taylor

At Home with Homeopathy
Depicting the Vital Force in the Horse
By Tanya Nolte, DIHom




Pony Express
Healing Horses - An Alternative Approach Can Make The Difference
By Linda Bertschinger

Case Histories
The Don makes GOOD!
By Sharon May-Davis

Creative Corral


In Essence… A Series on Various Essential Oils for Animals
By Nayana Morag

From the Editor
Great Things On the Horizon