Less is More

'Less is more' is not as contradictory a phrase as it first appears. Less of something always means more of something else. Less day is more night. Less empty is more full.

In homeopathy, less substance is more curative. The diluting and succussing processes render the remedy 'substanceless' except for in very low potencies, which would lead one to believe that a homeopathic remedy therefore could not work. But less substance in fact means more safety, especially in the case of remedies prepared from poisonous plants, and it also means more energy, which is really the secret behind the efficacy and safety.

In round pen work, less is more, according to Dan Sumerel. Less 'doing' on our part means more 'letting the horse do'. We do not need to run a horse around until he is tired. Less talking on our part means more listening to the horse. And for most horses, less driving them away means they are more likely to come to you. This I learned first hand with my 5-year-old mare, Desi. The more I tried to 'make' her pay attention to me the further I drove her away. When I asked for just one ear and gave her the opportunity to make her own decision, she came to me. Forcing things may get results, but in the long run, less forcing means more willing cooperation.

With the Equine Touch and Gentle Touch, less is more. Too much pressure is counterproductive; the lightest touch can still produce the desired effects. To my massage-therapist sister's surprise, the simple, gentle routine that I performed on her brought immediate relief with longer-lasting effects than the massage treatments that 'hurt'. And I can guarantee I was a lot less tired after my work on her than the massage therapists were after theirs. The gentle and unique 'move' is like a strum on a guitar string - do it and let it hum; putting hands on after the move can negate the subtle effects of the move.

So less is often more. And for me, less complication is more. I like things simple, short and sweet. And less "From the Editor" means more time to read what's inside. In this issue we feature Pat Parelli's Friendly Game, essential oils for dogs, nosodes and vaccinations (less is truly more), the atlas, Doc Bradley's herbal medicine, and much MORE. Enjoy.