Volume 3 Issue 4 - 2001 

Chiropractic Works

The Atlas: An Interview with Dennis O'Brien, DC

NHM: What is the importance of the atlas functioning properly?

Dr. O'Brien: The atlas is the most freely moving segment in the spine of the horse - where the base of the skull meets the spine. Atlas rotation allows the horse to turn the head sideways and to reach way back to scratch the hindquarters. A flexible neck is important too, but much of it is dependent upon rotation of the atlas.

Pat Parelli

Special Feature

The Friendly Game
By Pat Parelli

This is the first in a series examining the Parelli Natural HorseoManoShip (PNH) Seven Games and their role in establishing leadership as well as building a language between you and a horse... any horse.

The Friendly Game is number one of all the Seven Games because nothing else beats a good first impression. When you want to meet someone, how would you first approach him? I like to think about introducing myself to a horse as positively as I would another person...

Barn Buddies

On the Scent
By Catherine Bird

As a regular contributor to Natural Horse Magazine it is always great to get feedback from readers. After writing about aromatherapy for horses, I was contacted by Lynne Smith who emailed me with questions about using essential oils when showing dogs. She then put together a set of questions and this is the resulting article.

At Home with Homeopathy


Vaccination &/or Homeopathy
By Tanya Nolte

The subject of vaccination is a contentious one indeed. It is not my intention to influence individual animal carers about whether they should or shouldn't vaccinate but admittedly I have weighted this article against frequent or prolonged use of vaccination. My chief objective is to encourage the carers of horses to build up their equine companions' health to an optimum level that will act as their best natural prevention against illness. It is necessary for the individuals to make their own decisions by keeping an open mind and weighing up the pros and cons from both the conventional (allopathic) and homeopathic points of view. At the same time consider the individual requirements for a horse that may be at greater risk by coming into contact with other horses in situations such as shows/events, studs or boarding facilities. Awareness of the legal ramifications of the state in which the horse mainly resides regarding vaccination protocols is also your responsibility.

For over 100 years Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines has provided a place of peaceful retirement for aged and abused horses. Visit www.ryerss.com to learn more.

Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines
1710 Ridge Rd.
Pottstown, PA 19465
Phone: 610-469-0533
Email: ryerss@aol.com


Sandy Bradley, VMD
Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. vet. med.
W. Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD
Pat Parelli
Don Blazer
Sabine Kells
Dennis O'Brien
Tanya Nolte
Catherine Bird
Sharon May-Davis
Michelle Labriola
Susan Rifkin Ajamian
Milissa Farmer
Nayana Morag
Cheyanne West
Diana L. Schmidt









The Sideways Game, Game 6 of Pat Parelli's Seven Games, performed by a student and her horse. See "Special Features" for the first in a series of The Seven Games.

Silently Speaking
Synastry - Improving Relationships Through Astrology
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

Feed Facts and Fancies
How Herbal Medicine Works According to Doc Bradley
By Sandy Bradley, VMD

Kidz’ Korner
Pony Clubs, 4-H, Families, Friends, Fun!

Touch Tips
Massage Those Toxins Away!
By Sharon May-Davis


Stable Environment
A Horse, Of Course - More on Equine Infectious Anemia
By Don Blazer


In Training

Getting the Give
By Michelle Labriola

Herbs for Health
Skin Problems and Treatments
By Cheyanne West


A Review of Hair Analysis
By Kate Hester

Molly McMule's 1001 Stall Stories
Simpson and His Donkey


Do It Yourself!
Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer


Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Where the Grass is Greener

For the Rider
The Plains Indians Bridle
By Diana L. Schmidt

Of Interest




Pony Express
On Talking Horses: Barefoot and Bit-Free
By Dr. W. Robert Cook

Book Bits and Video Views
Natural Horse Care
by Pat Coleby

Tai Chi for the Equestrian
by James Shaw

Expert Exchange

Tanya Nolte on Homeopathy and Hoofcare

Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. vet. med. and Sabine Kells on the Hoof

From the Editor
Less is More


In Essence… A Series on Various Essential Oils for Animals
By Nayana Morag

Feature Article
Tribute to a 'Damn Fine' Horse