The Parelli Savvy Conference - An Essential!

Horses, mules, minis, a zorse and much more delighted, entertained and educated the masses at the 2000 Savvy Conference.

There comes a time in everybody's life when they realize there is a lot more to learn about something they love. So they go somewhere to learn some more. One place in particular where all horse people should go, no matter what their horse involvement, experience or discipline may be, is to Heaven on Earth - Parelli Ranch, actually known as the International Study Center in Pagosa Springs, CO. In fact, any person, horse person or not, would enjoy going there, especially to the Horseman's Savvy Conference, happening this year September 7-10. This might just be the perfect opportunity to learn (in a strictly fun setting) what horses are really all about, naturally, and what natural horse-man-ship truly is. You will even learn things about horses that you never imagined anyone knew or cared about, but which just might come in very handy someday, or may solve some major problems today.

Imagine a clear, breezy sunny day, spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, meadows of green, fences of natural timbers, the sight, sound and pleasant smell of horses, helpful parking attendants with friendly smiles mounted on horses with no tack, a crowd of friendly people from all over the world, lively tunes filling the air, and lots of horsey activity going on non-stop from morning 'til dinnertime. Picture this and you will have a taste of what's in store for you at the 2001 Savvy Conference.

Trustworthy horses and their smiling partners directed traffic.

Useful information by the mountain-load was imparted to last year's several hundred delighted participants. Last year's Savvy Conference will be difficult to improve upon, yet somehow I suspect the whole affair will be even better this year. The hard-working dedicated ranch crews, the spectacular horses, the Parelli students, the amazing working partnerships between the people and their horses, the quality presenters, and of course Pat and Linda Parelli themselves made the entire four days delightfully entertaining, educational, awe-inspiring, humbling, emotionally moving, enlightening, and downright fun. It was truly an exceptional conference, filled to the brim with all kinds of horses, horse people, and horse savvy.

Pat Parelli, with his knowledge of horses and natural horsemanship and his humorous renditions of the horse and human, is an exceptional teacher and motivator who gets the information across in a most enjoyable and memorable way. Pat is a horseman who has, under his hat, a lifetime of experience and savvy learned from the thousands of horses (and a few good horsemen) he has known. This vast knowledge, along with his exceptional talent and ability to teach, enables Pat to help others become more natural with their horses, and to be more effective without force or fear.

Adorable foals joined in the fun too.

In addition to Pat's superb demonstrations with his stallion partners were Linda Parelli and her two impressive partners Siren and Remmer, Andrew Booth and Stormy the Zorse (horse-zebra cross), Aimee Brimhall and Cheserae, and other exceptional Parelli human-and-horse partnerships. Groups of students and horses participated in exciting and purposeful games and exercises conducted by Pat. Even miniature horses displayed their talents.

Most educational and endearing was foal handling - adorable foals of various ages demonstrated their budding partnerships with the students while the trusting mares tagged along. We also enjoyed watching a young horse playing the Seven Games with Pat for the first time, wondering who would win because both obviously had a lot of horse savvy. Pat won the games, put a bareback pad on the youngster, then, having earned the youngster's approval, mounted and lay along his back. Mike Wanzenridd, one of Pat's apprentices from Australia, had a similar challenge including saddling, mounting, and riding another young horse, with a halter and one rein, and he did so with little excitement and lots of savvy .

Linda Parelli with her two partners, who earned some Winnie's Cookies


Obstacle course competitions, timed, were set up daily for students and their horses. Pat thought up these challenging but fun courses, which definitely tested his students, and the crowd really got into the fun. The horse-human pairs were given various tasks to perform around, over, under and into obstacles, at certain gaits, into and out of a trailer, and more. One task was to have the horse 'kick' (with its forelegs) a giant ball, bigger than a beach ball, across the arena and between two barrels. Each day the difficulty factor increased - from having the horse on the long lead and with a carrot stick, to no lead and no carrot stick, to mounted, and even bridleless. Imagine sitting on a chair and asking your horse (no lead rope) to load into a trailer and wait until asked to unload, or sending your horse around a setup of barrels in a certain direction without you going ahead of or even close to him… or asking the horse to sidestep over two barrels lengthwise, and come back… with people cheering and screaming all around! Sounds impossible, but many of them did these and other tough obstacles with ease.

The Golden Gate Vaulters, with skill, finesse, and perfect timing, demonstrated how they have fun on a moving horse.

Horse-man-ship and savvy are also about properly caring for the horse, so various presenters shared important knowledge, for example Spencer LaFlure, also known as The Tooth Fairy, who spoke about whole mouth dentistry and why it is so essential to the horse's health, well-being and performance. Also Lesley Ann Taylor and Carol Brett from Balance Saddle Systems presented information on saddle fitting for the horse-in-motion, as opposed to being fitted for a saddle when standing still, a common error in saddle fitting. Other presenters and vendors shared lots of good information and offered some great products under the big tent.

Another great feature was the horse sale, which will be held again this year, for the sale of high quality, PNH certified horses up to Level 3 in Pat's program. Each wonderful horse was sold to an appropriate partner so that the maximum in enjoyment and success could be more readily achieved.

The Golden Gate Vaulters put on a thrilling demonstration, doing their multi-level, multi-person, graceful and well-timed gymnastics atop a huge cantering horse. Some of Pat's students tried this too and put on a good show. Dog Savvy was also on the list of exciting things to watch. Pat demonstrated how cattle dogs work, in English and Spanish (because one of the dogs understands Spanish), and these energetic canines proved that they certainly know and love their jobs. This demonstration accentuated the predator and prey animal differences and paralleled many human and horse interactions, helping us to understand the behaviors and tendencies of each.

Daily obstacle courses, challenging for the students and their partners, were great fun to watch.

Even lunch was something we all looked forward to each day. Every meal was deliciously prepared with choices to please any type of eater. While we sat under the huge colorful tent and satisfied our hunger, we met and talked with new horse people from the world over. There were plenty of opportunities to chat with Pat and Linda themselves, as well as all of the presenters.

Also arranged was a fun night of barbecue and band - questions, answers, entertainment, and music with a live and kickin' country band, and dancing in the cover-all arena. A blazing fire just outside helped take the chill out of the brisk, mountain air, and allowed ample opportunity for gazing up at the twinkling, star-filled Colorado sky.

The Parelli team handled the large crowd flawlessly and we came away with much more than we ever expected. The natural environment went well beyond the scenery, and learning about the horse as it is meant to be and learning how we can have a natural relationship with horses was a welcome change from many horse events. The Parelli Horseman's Savvy Conference is a truly enjoyable learning experience - that can change your life - in a down-to-earth, lovely country atmosphere. So head on out to Pagosa Springs, the Parelli International Study Center, September 7, 8, 9 and 10 (Thursday through Monday) and eat, breathe and live horse savvy. If you ask me, it's an essential. I'm sure you'll be delighted!

Of course, it was the mule who sidepassed over the barrels flawlessly!

Aimee and Chesarae, taking a bow














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Leaping off a big obstacle like this is easy when there is trust and confidence, and true partnership.

Expand Your "Horse Intelligence" at Pat Parelli's Horseman's Savvy Conference

Pat Parelli and his band of dynamic Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructors will dazzle and entertain at the Horseman's Savvy Conference, September 7 - 10 at the International Study Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This event is the ultimate in Natural Horsemanship discovery and inspiration!

In today's world, it can be confusing to know what your horse's natural needs really are. As Pat Parelli says, "My goal is to share another way to be effective with horses. Force, frustration and fight can be eliminated and replaced with love, language and leadership." The four-day Savvy Conference will help you understand how to strengthen your relationship with horses, unique ways to "play" with your horse to get him to understand your training goals, how to overcome common problems, how to develop your horse mentally and emotionally, and the secrets of getting your horse calmer, smarter, braver and more athletic. The results are astounding - for backyard horses and Olympic contenders alike!

Pat will demonstrate The Seven Games, The Four Savvys, and the beginning steps of riding at Liberty. He'll also address how to easily catch your horse, the importance of proper saddle fitting, the appropriate use of the hackamores, bridles and bits, ideas for stabling and pasturing, shoeing techniques, and the critical issue of nutrition and feeding - among other horsemanship and performance topics. Guest speakers will address a range of exciting subjects from photonic therapy to the importance of equine dental care.

Of course, savvy is at the heart of this Conference. Pat and his Instructors will demonstrate their savvy with horses that will delight and amaze - a horse (no lead rope) being loaded into the trailer while the handler sits in a chair, horses that run to find their human partners, bareback and bridleless flying lead changes - the list goes on! And for those of you looking for an equine partner, a number of quality, PNH certified horses will be offered for sale.

The magnificent Rocky Mountains form the backdrop for this Conference, where people learn cutting edge information, how to see things from the horse's point of view, and how to incorporate savvy into their relationships with horses.

Cost for the four days, including bountiful lunches, a sumptuous barbeque, and a moonlight dance, is $495. To register or for more information on the Conference, or for a free brochure on Parelli Natural Horsemanship events and courses, call 800-642-3335.

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