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Jock and Dr. Ivana Ruddock on Equine Touch®

Q: How long after an Equine Touch session should one wait before having chiropractic or massage done to the horse, and why?

A: It is always much safer to wait at least four days before chiropractic manipulations are done to allow the Equine Touch to do its work. It may be that after the soft tissue session, there is no need to use chiropractic at all. However there are equine chiropractors who use these as their main modalities and find that a session of the Equine Touch relaxes the horse so much that a required manipulation is easier to perform, once the horse has been relaxed and the soft tissue is open to the skeletal manipulation.

With massage, once again, I would wait for at least four days to allow the effect of rebalancing from the Equine Touch to lock in. To use massage after an Equine Touch session is similar to starting to cook Eggs Benedict and then halfway through, deciding to prepare scrambled eggs. One only ends up with a mess. Allow time for the Equine Touch to do its work before focusing on something else.

Jock Ruddock, BRCP, pioneered The Equine Touch, a retraining, rebalancing, and some would say healing modality for the horse. Jock and his veterinarian wife, Ivana Ruddock, have turned the Equine Touch into a discipline that is now recognized and applauded by all who see or use it, including veterinarians throughout Europe.

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