Volume 3 Issue 5 - 2001

Feature Article

Mark Rashid, One-on-One … on Passive Leadership

At a Mark Rashid clinic, Mark works one-on-one with each person, who in turn can work one-on-one with the horse. Mark teaches about Passive Leadership with a straightforward, common-sense approach that instills participants with hands-on knowledge that is easily transferred to home turf.

Special Feature

Focus on the Porcupine Game
By Pat Parelli

This is the second in a series examining the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) Seven Games and their role in establishing leadership as well as building a language between you and a horse... any horse.







In Training

Dealing With Kicking and Rude Behavior

By Dan Sumerel

Loose reins on a halter, no saddle or spurs produces a great ride ONLY when you're on a horse with a good attitude. And on the ground is a better place to change attitudes than when mounted..


For the Rider

A Bit About Bit Adjustment

By Leslie Desmond

This outdated way of adjusting bits creates the need for additional force in the mouth from the hands on the reins, due to the dullness that such constant, meaningless pressure creates.

Jupiter at home at Best Friends
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the nation's largest no-kill refuge for abused and abandoned animals. Best Friends is home to never fewer than 1,800 cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and other wonderful creatures. Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on the web at www.bestfriends.org

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Kanab, Utah 84741-5001
(435) 644-2001


Ivana Ruddock, MVDr
Jock Ruddock
Dan Sumerel
Erica Stoton
Pat Parelli
Catherine Bird
Leslie Desmond
Tanya Nolte
Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow
Mark Rashid
Susan Rifkin Ajamian
Christine Adderson
Maggie Moyer
Lyn Palmer
Aggie O'Brien
Yvonne Welz


Mark Rashid, author of three great books - Considering the Horse, A Good Horse is Never A Bad Color, and Horses Never Lie - and host of the annual Horse Gathering (August 20-24, Estes Park, CO) teaches about Passive Leadership.

Herbs for Health
Herbs - Heart and Soul
By Loryhl

Touch Tips
Help for the Hindquarters
By Maggie Moyer

Remedy for An Icelandic Horse
Part 1 - Taking the Case

Essential Oils for Overcoming the Past
By Lyn Palmer

Case Histories
Farthy Becomes a Riding Horse
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

Barn Buddies
"Ready Return" - My Jack Russell Terrier and Foaling Assistant
By Aggie O'Brien

Feed Facts and Fancies
DMG for Health and Vitality
By Erica Stoton


The Parelli Savvy Conference - An Essential!

Molly McMule's 1001 Stall Stories
Working in the Coal Mines


Spotlight on the Equine Touch
The Equine Touch
By Yvonne Welz

Straight from the Horses Mouth
Last Call

Kidz Korner
Why Horses Love (some of) Us
By Christine Adderson

Creative Corral




From the Editor
Life is Full of Second Chances


ACUPRESSURE: Pre & Post Performance
By Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow

Stable Environment
A Healing Tone
By Catherine Bird


Book Bits

Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses:
The Owner's Veterinary Guide to Alternative Methods and Remedies

By Mary Brennan, DVM


Video 'Views

Herbs and Aromatherapy for Horses

By Mary Ann Simonds


Expert Exchange

Equine Touch
By Jock and Ivana Ruddock
Pony Express

USA Welcomes Ten Strasser Certified Hoofcare Specialists