Volume 3 Issue 8 - 2001

Special Features

Focus on the Circling Game
By Pat Parelli

This is the fifth in a series examining the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) Seven Games and their role in establishing leadership as well as building a language between you and a horse... any horse.

In Training

Your Horse's Hooves May Be The Source of Your Training Problems
By Gordon Adair

Sometimes we overlook the most obvious and basic sources of training problems. The resistance applied by a horse with sore feet is like a driver applying the brakes while accelerating from twenty to forty miles an hour. Eliminating this source of resistance will also minimize undue stress, injury, and soreness.


Equine Iridology
By Mercedes Colburn

The Equine Iridology Grid was developed by iridologist Mercedes Colburn and veterinarian Dena Eckerdt in January 1995, making it possible to map out the horse's iris as a simple, painless, economical means of reviewing the horse's body system - a window on health.

Case Histories

Repairing Richie - Successful Colic Collaboration
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian

When I visit the stable where I board Richie, my 22-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, I see him out in the pasture grazing peacefully. His coat is shiny and his weight is good; his topline only hints at his age. There is no clue from his appearance or demeanor that two years ago he survived a lengthy and complicated surgical re-section of his colon to remove a rare cancer tumor.


For over 100 years Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines has provided a place of peaceful retirement for aged and abused horses. Visit www.ryerss.com to learn more.


Pat Parelli
Nayana Morag
Tanya Nolte
Lyn Palmer
Catherine Bird
Maggie Moyer
Patti Duffy-Salmon
Gordon Adair
Mercedes Colburn
Christina Blume
Susan Rifkin Ajamian
Erica Stoton
Judy Freedman
Shelly Moore
Marjorie Smith



Stable Environment
Flower Essences for Horses
By Christina Blume

Homoeopathic Therapeutics for Colitis
By Tanya Nolte

Herbs for Health
Chamomile - The Calming Herb
By Catherine Bird

Do It Yourself!
Sharpen Your Hoof Knife, or "No Knife, No Trim"
By Marjorie Smith

Barn Buddies
Rescue Dogs

Feed Facts and Fancies
Mini-Molecules with Major Impact - Transfer Factors

For the Rider
Do You Recognise Your Horse?
By Lyn Palmer

Kidz' Korner
Questions About Therapeutic Riding Answered
With JudyFreedman

Bodily Applications of Essential Oils
By Nayanna Morag

Creative Corral


From the Editor
Unsportsmanlike Conduct - The Horse Industry vs The Horse

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Book Bits &
Video 'Views

Pony Express
Wild Horse Workshop
By Shelly Moore

Touch Tips
Healing Energies
By Catherine Bird, Tanya Nolte, Patti Duffy-Salmon, Lyn Palmer, and Maggie Moyer