"Understanding Equine Acupuncture"
By Rhonda Rathgeber, DVM, PhD
© 2001 The Blood-Horse, Inc.
Box 4038
Lexington, KY 40544-4038
ISBN: 1-58150-068-8
120 pages, 6" x 9" softcover, approx $17US

In "Understanding Equine Acupuncture - Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management" you will find everything from the history of acupuncture to its many uses today. Within its 120-plus abundantly illustrated pages are important details as well as overviews.

Dr. Rathgeber writes with an easy reading style. Acupuncture is a complicated subject and can be difficult to explain yet the material in this text is presented with simplicity and thoroughness. Topics such as the Five Element Theory and the Eight Principle Theory are clearly presented, as are the categories of acupuncture points, the meridians and organs, nerve function, and much more. Herbal medicine is also presented - in China acupuncture and herbs are almost always used together.

Chapters include: History of Acupuncture, General Principles of Acupuncture, Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Points, What is a Meridian or Channel?, A Scientific Explanation of Acupuncture, Different Modalities of Acupuncture, Acupuncture as a Diagnostic Tool, Acupuncture for Specific Conditions, Cases Involving Acupuncture, and Herbal Treatments.

Acupuncture is a wonderful modality that addresses the whole being. Horses of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines can benefit greatly from its balancing and pain-relieving effects. One of the rapidly growing forms of complementary medicine, acupuncture recognizes the energy force that creates and nourishes life, which is the very foundation of acupuncture. It has gained respect from medical doctors and veterinarians alike.

"Understanding Equine Acupuncture" contains eight pages of explicit color photos, a very helpful glossary and index, recommended readings, and resources for horse owners. This book instills an appreciation for this rediscovered medical art and for those who practice it. Equally suited to both caretaker and veterinarian, "Understanding Equine Acupuncture" is a book that will be valued by every horse lover.

"The Wild Pony"
"Coyote Summer"

Feature Films for Families
PO Box 572410
Murray, Utah 84157-2410
Approx 90 minutes each
Approx. $13 each

Kudos to Feature Films for Families - Strengthening Traditional Values Through Entertainment - for their refreshing, 'alternative' entertainment. Their devotion to delivering excellent quality movies, without graphic violence, sexual content or profanity, should be applauded. Feature Films offers a welcome change to the existing entertainment world, and provides a wide range of movies with messages that matter. Their live-action and animated productions are edited to meet tough standards to insure positive products that enhance the values taught in the home. Among their films that feature horses, two are "The Wild Pony" and "Coyote Summer".

In "The Wild Pony", a young boy's mother is faced with the decision of keeping or selling the family ranch after the death of her husband. Hard times on the frontier nearly discourage her but her strong will and sense of responsibility for her son and daughter help her overcome the challenge. With creativity and determination, she soon pulls things together. Remarriage and hard work save the ranch and the family, but a new challenge enters their lives when the son is given a wild pony. The adventure begins, and each family member learns some of life's lessons. As the story unfolds, the family grows closer and stronger, and they achieve their dreams as a family.

In "Coyote Summer", a young teen and her bad attitude get dropped off at a relative's ranch for the summer while her mother is in England on an assignment. She learns about hard work and responsibility and soon learns to respect and appreciate her mother. The trainer at the ranch teaches her how to ride, and she becomes curious about a beautiful but 'violent' horse. Something isn't right, and when she shares her thoughts with the trainer, the plot thickens. As they work together to save the horse, through teamwork and trust, the mystery is cleverly unraveled.

The stories are excellent and the actors and actresses, of all ages, give stunning performances. The viewers will laugh, cry, hold their breath, and identify with the characters. The heroes in these films are excellent role models - a positive alternative for today's youth. The scenery in each video is spectacular, and soundtracks are of good quality. Feature Films for Families are wholesome and healthy entertainment that the whole family will adore.