Volume 4 Issue 1 - 2002

Special Features

Focus on the Sideways Game
By Pat Parelli

Backwards and sideways have everything to do with your horse's impulsion and emotional fitness - which influences almost everything else your horse does. This is the sixth in a series examining the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) Seven Games and their role in establishing leadership as well as building a language between you and a horse... any horse.

In Training

Successful Trailer Loading
By Ellen Ofstad

Loading is something many people don't think about doing until the day that the horse needs to be transported somewhere. Often they start out very patiently with the horse, but as the clock keeps ticking, the stress begins to show, and the situation often gets more and more out of control.

At Home with Homeopathy

What A Miasm Means for Your Horse

By Tanya Nolte

A miasm may be inherited across generations, acquired, or acute, and an individual can have more than one, but only one will be active at any one time. Miasms are an energetic concept of disease that transcend the commonly held belief that illness is explicable in purely physical terms, and are clearly about why a patient may manifest a disease.

Stable Environment

Whole Mouth Equilibration: Restoring the Horse's Top Line

By Spencer LaFlure

To me, it stands to reason that if a horse is unable to move the lower jaw forward and backward and right and left and his neck freely from side to side, and up and down as they were intended to move, the muscles along the top line of the horse connected with and affected by the lack of movement of the head and neck will not be able to get strong and developed. Without these strong, well-defined and developed muscles, how could a horse be at the peak of his performance and ability?


Manager of Horses, Carrie Godbe, with Baa Baa Ganoosh and Ali Baa Baa at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Photo by Harry Munro

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the nation's largest no-kill refuge for abused and abandoned animals. Best Friends is home to never fewer than 1,800 cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and other wonderful creatures. Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on the web at www.bestfriends.org
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Kanab, Utah 84741-5001
(435) 644-2001


Gernot Gaggl, MVDr
Pat Parelli
Spencer LaFlure
Ellen Ofstad
Tanya Nolte
Catherine Bird
Patti Duffy-Salmon
Paul Chapman
Marjorie Smith
Cate Stoltzfus
Kate Hester



Students at the Parelli International Study Center get creative with the 7 Games. Read about Game 6, the Sideways Game, in Special Feature.

Herbs for Health
Allergies and Your Horse
By Patti Duffy-Salmon

Spot Light on the Equine Touch
International Equine Veterinarian Answers Questions on the Equine Touch
with Gernot Gaggl, MVDr

Barn Buddies
Cats and Colds

Feed Facts and Fancies
Outsmarting Founder

For the Rider
Horseless Riding
By Paul Chapman

Kidz' Korner
Alternative Therapies Made Simple, Part 1

Aromatherapy and Heaves
By Catherine Bird

Creative Corral


From the Editor
Lifestyle Changes

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

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Pony Express
My Mirror, My Horse
By Kate Hester
Case Histories
By Cate Stoltzfus