Volume 4 Issue 2 - 2002

Special Features

Focus on the Squeeze Game
By Pat Parelli

The Squeeze Game puts all the other six Games together to help your horse learn how to listen to you instead of Mother Nature in a "tight" situation. This is the seventh in a series examining the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH) Seven Games and their role in establishing leadership as well as building a language between you and a horse... any horse.


Fire & Water Create Balance: The Story of Yin & Yang, Sedation & Tonification
By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

The ancient Chinese looked at the physical world and saw that when the extremes of fire and water were in balance, the environment was healthy and productive. Excess or deficient amounts of Yin or Yang can cause an imbalance, and disease can manifest. Acupressure is safe, effective, and can restore balance, and you can use it to make a significant difference in your animals' lives.


Three Facts About EIA
By Don Blazer

EIA is so insignificant that the USDA has no record of annual deaths, but a positive result on a Coggins test is like a death sentence. Quarantine and slaughter are a tragic, ineffective waste. Wouldn't it be more effective and less costly in dollars and horses' lives to simply take a temperature reading on horses crossing state lines or entering public horse areas?

Feed Facts and Fancies

GMO's and Genetic Experimentation - Is Your Horse Affected?

Many horse feeds and nutritional products contain corn and soy, the two grains that make up the majority of GE-tainted crops on the market. Alfalfa is now a new subject for genetic experimentation. Though nothing can undo the damage and contamination that have already been done by GE, buying organic is the best plan for a healthy future.

20-year-old Jodi (left) and 23-year-old Clyde (right), healthy but Coggins-positive, get a new lease on life at FRIENDS. All horses who test positive for EIA and are not destroyed must be branded and quarantined for life.
Photo by Debra Beye-Barwick

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Hiltrud Strasser, DrVetMed
Gernot Gaggl, MVDr
Pat Parelli
Catherine Bird
Tanya Nolte
Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis
Nayana Morag
Susan Rifkin Ajamian
Gordon Adair
Julie Varley
Maggie Moyer
Marion Shearer
Chelsea Marko
Don Blazer
Martha Olivo
Aggie O'Brien




Katie, a rescued horse, and her colorful filly, Little Tree, thriving at their new home.

Of Interest
Tellington Touch Tames the Old West at Bitterroot Ranch
By Marion Shearer

Bone Problems and Their Homeopathic Solutions
By Tanya Nolte

Spotlight on the Equine Touch
International Equine Veterinarian Answers More Questions on the Equine Touch
with Gernot Gaggl, MVDr

Barn Buddies

Stable Environment
Is There An Alternative To Shoeing?
By Gordon Adair

For the Rider
Jointed Snaffles
By Chelsa Marko

Kidz' Korner
Alternative Therapies Made Simple, Part 2

Aromatherapy and Heaves
By Catherine Bird

Creative Corral


From the Editor
Natural Competitions

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Book Bits &
Video 'Views

Pony Express
Clicker Training Builds Relationships
By Julie Varley
Case Histories
Healing Paws
By Aggie O'Brien
In Essence
Chamomile, Roman
By Nayana Morag
Touch Tips
Front-End Assessment of the Horse
By Maggie Moyer
In Training
A Dan Sumerel Workshop
Hoofcare Hightlights
Hoof Mechanism -
Opinions of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

Expert Exchange
Martha Olivo on the Hooves

Molly McMule's Horse Tales

Feature Article
Flower Essences for Balancing Your Animal's Emotions
By Susan Rifkin Ajamian