Birthdays, Holidays, Laws, and Me

From what I understand, "holiday" originally comes from "holy day", though it is commonly defined as "a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended in commemoration of some event or person", or "any day of exemption from labor". Sometimes it refers to more than one day, as in "going on holiday", which is usually like a vacation of many days.

In the beginnin' of this year we celebrated holidays on (or near) the birthdays of famous US people, and recently for a famous Irish fella who was supposedly a snake eliminator. Soon we will be celebratin' "Memorial Day" in the US to remember our soldiers.

Since it seems like the popular thing to do - changin' laws in these law-examinin' times - I would like to formally propose that the part of the definition about "… in commemoration of some event or person" be changed to read "in commemoration of some event or SOMEONE". That way it could include horses, namely, me. (Well, Easter is a holiday about a famous rabbit, ain't it? … to some folks … maybe not… and what about Eeyore's birthday??)

I would also like to formally propose that holidays be declared in commemoration of someone while they are still alive, so they could enjoy their own holiday. Think of it - the famous one could actually throw a party or just go and enjoy one that someone else throws, or just go into hidin' if he ain't the partyin' type. It just ain't fair to the someone in honor that they miss out on the "exemption from labor" either.

So because I consider myself famous and am sure I will be after I die, I hereby declare that April 27th (my 46th birthday this year) be declared a worldwide holiday for everyone, includin' people, BEFORE I die, and I hereby exempt myself from labor on that day officially, from now on. I plan to throw a "P-pot's Birthday" party on my next birthday, so I can enjoy it too, whether it becomes a legal, official holiday or not. You should too.

The Honorable P-pot, soon-to-be Equine Lobbyist and Famous Someone