Silly Laws

Government was never a favorite subject for me. Lately there has been a lot of attention given to the animal supplements threat in the US and abroad, and even non-government-inclined people like me have been finding it quite necessary to get involved. The letter of some laws can really be misinterpreted, which can be disastrous. Many laws need revisions or addendums to bring them out of the dark ages and into the present, and to be ethical. This is true for laws that involve just horses as well, such as the laws about the mandatory killing or quarantine of EIA positive horses. Various laws prohibiting the practice of safe modalities by owners, or persons other than veterinarians (when veterinarians may receive no training in it whatsoever), need to be reviewed as well.

When looking at disease from a homeopathic perspective, there is cure (complete and permanent) for many people and animals that conventional medicine would give up on, or worse, sentence to death. The mandatory killing off of all the animals overseas with any suspicion of hoof and mouth was mass devastation. I also doubt that the disease has been eradicated. True, I was not in these countries personally to see the state of affairs. However, after hearing, years ago at a homeopathic conference, how readily one homeopath, a US veterinarian, cleared up many cases like those in Europe here in the US, I wondered about the true motives behind the decision makers of that 'mass kill' law. Surely they know about homeopathy and have competent homeopathic veterinarians there who could have done the same as our US veterinarian. To me, all those animals were killed for lack of acceptance or consideration of an alternative. Why jump to kill animals? Why do we continue to kill off healthy horses with a positive Coggins test?

Laws are made to protect citizens, and most laws are good and useful; any existing law was made for a reason, but reasons change as the needs and opinions of citizens change. Because of that, there are ways to get laws changed. We just need to learn how, get involved, and take action in a timely manner. Our representatives are there to hear our concerns and relay them to the government. Laws are mandated by either the federal government, or by each individual state government.

Some laws just don't make sense. Those that go so far as to lead to destruction or discontinuation of good and natural things should be changed as soon as possible. It may not be easy or quick, but it will be worth the effort, for today's conscientious citizens and for their animals, and for the environment. Getting involved in changing the laws is not really difficult.

For information on animal supplement law:
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For information on EIA law:
Don Blazer
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For unbiased information on the laws in Congress now:
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Laws will not change themselves. We need to change them.